New Funding Round Values Reddit at an Astounding $3 Billion

Reddit announced a new $300 funding round valuing the company at an astounding $3 billion. The valuation is amazing considering that Reddit has been around for quite a while and is presumably past its high growth phase.

Zeus Living CEO on How the Startup is Reimagining Housing

Zeus Living is a new take on the $12 billion corporate housing industry, leasing unfurnished, privately-owned homes and convert them into ‘expertly appointed, convenient, and full-service corporate housing units’ for extended stay travelers. It feels like an Airbnb for extended stays.

Reddit Co-Founder: Every Businesses is Going to Have to Be a Software Business

The co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, says that every business is going to have to be a software business. “Our beliefs still remains that every business is going to have to be a software business in some way, shape, or form.”

How to Use Reddit to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Boost Your Sales

If you aren’t familiar with Reddit, your first visit to the website may feel a bit intimidating. Not only does it have the appearance of an old-school forum dating back from the early 2000s, but it also has a reputation…

Reddit Hits 1 Billion Monthly Video Views, Offers New Opportunities for Advertisers

Reddit made some big changes last year, with a redesign of its website and the launch of a native video feature optimized exclusively for the site’s new look.

Facebook is Now Testing a Reddit-Like ‘Downvote’ Feature

Facebook has plans to broaden your options on how to react to posts on its platform. Adding to its popular “Like” button, it is now experimenting with another button that allows you to express your displeasure of a post. Facebook…

When Fake News is Real News and Real News is Fake News

All of this talk about fake news is starting to take root into the mainstream news bubble as if it were true, which it isn’t in any discernible or meaningful way. We are already seeing social media and left leaning…

Reddit for iPhone and Reddit for Android Get Official Launch

Reddit finally announced the launch of official mobile apps for iPhone and Android, which are available in the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. Earlier this year, Reddit announced the apps, but users can now go download them. The…

Reddit Announces Android App Beta, New iOS App to Follow

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman announced on the site today that the company is putting out an Android app (in beta) today with a new iOS app to follow. The announcement is just casually noted in a longer post about Reddit…

Serena Williams Is Dating Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian, Apparently

Serena Williams and Drake? Nah. Apparently, the tennis superstar has found love in a much more unlikely place – reddit. We turn to US Weekly for the exclusive report. According to the gossip mag, Serena Williams is now dating reddit…