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No, You Cannot Opt Out of Reddit’s Personalized Ads
Reddit continues to make controversial decisions, this time eliminating the ability to opt out of personalized advertising....
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Reddit Reaches Out to Moderators; It Goes Predictably Bad
Reddit has reached out to moderators — without apologizing — in an effort to move forward productively, and it has gone as bad as expected....
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Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ Moderators Will No Longer Facilitate Interviews
Moderators of one of the most popular subreddits have said they will no longer facilitate the very thing that has made their community so popular....
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Reddit Tells Protesting Communities They Must Open This Week
Reddit is continuing its crackdown on protesting subreddits, telling them they must reopen, or at least reveal plans to reopen, this week....
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Minecraft’s Developers Will Stop Posting Official News to Reddit
Minecraft's developers have announced they will no longer post official news to the platform in response to Reddit's recent decisions....
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Reddit Promises Accessibility Improvements In Official App
Reddit is promising accessibility improvements in its official app the day after third-party apps are set to shut down....
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Reddit Takes Aim At Small, Personal Subreddits
Reddit is taking its war on moderators to a new level, targeting small, personal subreddits with barely any subscribers....
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Louis Rossmann Calls For Users to Quit Reddit, Calls Out CEO
Popular YouTuber Louis Rossmann is calling for users to quit Reddit, saying CEO Steve Steve Huffman is "giving a giant middle finger to the community....
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Reddit Sparks Outrage As Apollo Announces Closure
Reddit is in hot water as popular third-party client Apollo announces it is shutting down. Reddit announced it would begin charging for access to its ...
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Reddit Is Laying Off Employees
Reddit is reportedly laying off employees as the company moves toward an IPO and faces a user revolt over its recent policies....
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Reddit Is Reportedly Retaliating Against Planned Protesters
Reddit is reportedly retaliating against those planning a protest against the company's recent policy change, blocking their accounts....
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Reddit’s New API Policy May Kill Apollo and Other Third-Party Apps
Reddit's new policy of charging for API access may kill off some of the most popular third-party apps, despite earlier promises to the contrary....
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Reddit 1-800 Flowers Ad Goes Viral
Our ads on Reddit have gotten a lot of traction and puts a big smile on people's faces says 1-800 Flowers CEO Chris McCann. What we're trying to do is...
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YouTube TV Updates Bring Major Improvements
The YouTube TV team has taken to Reddit to update users on some significant improvements to the streaming service....
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Reddit Is Taking a Page From Twitter’s Playbook — But With Class
Reddit founder Steve Huffman believes companies should be paying for access to the platform's data and plans to charge for the APIs that make it possi...
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Apple Music Is Showing Other People’s Playlists
Apple Music seems to be experiencing a bug that causes other users' playlists to show up in random users' libraries....
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Samsung Called Out for Using AI to Enhance Photos
Samsung is once again in the spotlight over the authenticity of photos taken with its smartphone cameras....
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Reddit Is Killing Off Reddit Talk
Reddit has announced it is killing off Reddit Talk, its Clubhouse clone unveiled in April 2021....
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Reddit’s IPO May Be on Track for the Second Half of 2023
Reddit may finally be moving forward with its IPO after laying the groundwork for nearly two years....
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Reddit Was Hacked, but Says User Data Is Safe
Reddit has informed users that it was hacked Sunday night, but says user accounts and passwords appear to be safe....
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