Sunbird Promises to Bring iMessage to Android

Sunbird is a promising Android messaging app that plans to bring iMessage to Android phones, ending the green vs blue bubble debate.

Google Is Turning the Tables on Apple’s iMessage

Google is working to improve texting compatibility, even if Apple isn’t interested in doing its part.

Google Adding Direct Reply Feature to RCS Messages

Google is prepping a major upgrade to its RCS messages, adding the ability to directly reply to individual texts.

Tim Cook Isn’t Interested in Solving the ‘Green Bubble’ Problem

Apple seems largely unconcerned with the blue vs green bubble debate, with Cook saying the solution is to buy an iPhone.

Google Wants Apple to Fix Texting

Google is stepping up the pressure on Apple to adopt RCS messaging, asking the Cupertino company to fix texting.

Unrelenting Spam Forces Google to Suspend RCS in India

Google may be throwing its full weight behind RCS messaging, but it’s been forced to suspend the feature in India due to businesses abusing it to spam users.

Google Updates Messages to Take On iMessages

Google has taken the wraps off of new Messages features, taking aim at Apple’s iMessages and calling out Apple for not supporting broader standards.

Google SVP Wants to Help Apple Support RCS Messaging

Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer has extended an open invitation to help Apple embrace RCS messaging.

Android Messages Will Be Default Verizon Messaging App Next Year

Verizon has announced it will begin preloading Android messages as the default messaging app on its Android phones starting next year.

Google Rolling Out End-to-End Encryption in Messages

At long last, Google is rolling out end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in its Android Messages app.

T-Mobile First Carrier to Embrace Messages by Google

T-Mobile expanded its partnership with Google, becoming the first US carrier to make Messages by Google the default SMS choice on its Android phones.

Google’s RCS Messaging Available Globally, End-to-End Encryption Soon

Google has announced the global availability of RCS messaging, with end-to-end encryption coming soon.

Google Bringing End-to-End Encryption to RCS Messages

Google appears prepared to bring end-to-end encryption to RCS messages, helping it better compete with Apple iMessages.

RCS Messages Finally Available to All U.S. Android Users

Sanaz Ahari, Google Sr. Director of Product & Design, announced Thursday via Twitter that RCS is now available for all Android users in the U.S. “Hi everyone! RCS is now available to all users in US as of Monday. Make…

Google Bringing RCS To Android Messages Starting Today

Android messaging has long lagged behind iOS, where Apple Messages has included features absent from standard SMS texts. According to a CNET report, Google is rolling out a major upgrade in the U.S. starting today. Rich Communication Services (RCS), is…

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Join Forces to Take Messaging to the Next Level

iPhone users have long-enjoyed iMessage, an iOS-only alternative to SMS that has far more features than basic messaging. WhatsApp offers a similar approach, adding features and abilities in a cross-platform app. Today the four major wireless carriers announced the Cross-Carrier…