Facebook Grabs Carsabi Co-Founders, But Not the Site

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Facebook has just added some entrepreneurial talent to their team with the hiring of Dwight Crow and Christopher Berner, the two founders of used car price comparison site Carsabi.

Facebook hasn't acquired the site, just the personnel. As such, Carsabi is now up for sale - "so the two of us can focus on our new jobs," say Crow and Berner.

"We are always looking for great entrepreneurs who want to have big impact, and Christopher and Dwight are exactly that. We can’t wait to welcome them both to Facebook," the company told TechCrunch.

Here's what Crow and Berner had to say on the Carsabi blog:

We created Carsabi back in Oct 2011 with the goal of easing the process of purchasing a used car, and providing a service that aims to index every automotive vehicle and connect more users to their car of choice each day.

But now it’s time for us to take a different turn. We want to take this impact to the next level – and help Facebook users connect and share. Because Facebook is not acquiring Carsabi.com, we're looking for someone to buy the Carsabi service, so the two of us can focus on our new jobs. We can’t thank all of you that have used Carsabi enough – developing Carsabi has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and we hope we helped you think differently about how to find the perfect used car!

We want to give special thanks to our partners, customers and investors for helping us fulfill our dream.

"Help users connect and share" is a little vague, as it's not exactly clear what Crow and Berner have been tapped to do at Facebook. But with Facebook jumping into the ecommerce arena with their new Gifts platform, it's not exactly shocking that they would hire two successful deals-oriented entrepreneurs like Crow and Berner.

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