Larry Page Appoints Six New SVPs

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Whoever's responsible for printing Googlers' business cards now has a lot more work to do.  Larry Page, exercising his newfound power as CEO in a big way, promoted five employees to the level of "senior vice president" yesterday.

In case you're wondering: yes, Google already had six SVPs (or five if you take Jonathan Rosenberg's recent departure into account), and it's unclear what will happen to them.  One (Alan Eustace) just got a new title.  Otherwise, in the past, Page has tried to streamline Google's management structure, not complicate it.

There's no overlap in titles between the new SVPs and the old ones, though, and while the promotions have been confirmed through official channels, there aren't even rumors from anonymous sources suggesting that the previous group of SVPs was or will be let go.

Here are the names and titles of the new SVPs, in any event: Alan Eustace is SVP of search, Vic Gundotra is SVP of social, Salar Kamangar is SVP of YouTube and video, Sundar Pichai is senior vice president of Chrome, Andy Rubin is SVP of mobile, and Susan Wojcicki is SVP of ads."

You may recognize several (or all) of those names, as they've at times been in the spotlight before.  Rubin's had a lot to do with Android, for example, and Wojcicki's even credited with creating AdSense.

It should be interesting to see what Page has them set out to accomplish now.  We'll also be sure to keep an eye on what happens to the old bunch of SVPs.

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