(Another) Yahoo Mergers And Acquisitions Head Leaves


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We're not too sure what to say here, except maybe "uh-oh" or "whoops."  Less than six months after Yahoo's previous mergers and acquisitions head left, it seems the new guy - Taylor Barada - has also decided to quit, joining Zynga.

That sort of turnover would be less than encouraging even if the role in question was janitorial in nature.  The fact that Barada and his predecessor were high-level execs charged with convincing other companies to join Yahoo makes the matter much more troubling.

Then here's one other possible warning sign: Barada's departure comes not long after a corporate development exec at Yahoo indicated that this would be "a very big year" in terms of acquisitions.  So perhaps the acquisitions weren't going well, and even if they were, that process could now become less smooth.

Yahoo critics may not be able to make too much of Barada's exit, though.  After all, it's possible Zynga just threw a bunch of cash at him, and few people can say no to that.  Or Barada might be anticipating a Zynga IPO, which would make a lot of employees rich.

Also, Kara Swisher, who was the first person to report this move, wasn't able to confirm what Barada's title will be at Zynga, so maybe there's a promotion of some sort in the mix, as well.

Now we'll start keeping watch to see who takes up the mergers and acquisitions mantle at Yahoo, anyway.  Hopefully he or she will last a little longer and accomplish a little more.