Google Corporate Development Director Goes To Facebook


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Google's famous for the rate at which it gobbles up smaller companies, and soon enough, Facebook may adopt similar habits.  Facebook now has an excellent deal broker onboard, anyway, as it's hired Amin Zoufonoun, Google's (former) director of corporate development.

Zoufonoun was a longtime Google employee, with his LinkedIn profile indicating that he started in 2003.  That fact means Google almost certainly didn't want to see him go, making this a significant loss for the company.

Then there are the actual details of Zoufonoun's position to consider.  His profile explains that he "mainly focused on strategy and deal execution, including evaluation, negotiating and executing Google's mergers, acquisitions and investments."

And more specifically, Zoufonoun "[l]ed a number of Google's key strategic acquisitions and investments both in the U.S. and internationally, including On2, Grandcentral (Google Voice), Metaweb, Widevine, Feedburner, Simplify Media, and several others."

So this move is almost sure to boost Facebook's ability to buy companies.  It might hurt Google's ability, too, although other Googlers and the company's $184 billion market cap should ensure the damage is minimal.

Hat tip goes to Alexei Oreskovic, who was tipped off about the (since-confirmed) development by a source familiar with the situation.