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Tag: Netherlands

Netherlands May Screen Students Interested in Sensitive Tech
The Netherlands is working on a law that would require screening for students interested in sensitive tech, such as advanced semiconductors....
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China Pressures Netherlands for Access to Restricted Chip Tech
China is pushing back against Dutch restrictions limiting its access to advanced semiconductor tech....
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Netherlands Follow US Lead in Chip War Against China
The Netherlands has joined the US chip war against China, restricting export of the country's "most advanced" chips....
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Japan and Netherlands Poised to Join US in China Semiconductor Crackdown
Japan and the Netherlands may be joining the US in its efforts to isolate the Chinese semiconductor industry over security concerns....
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Dell Is Testing 4-Day Workweeks in Europe
Dell is aggressively investigating the viability of 4-day workweeks, launching a major trial in the UK and now the Netherlands....
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Google Nest Hub and Xiaomi Cameras Give Window Into Strangers’ Homes
CNET is reporting on the latest example of security cameras exposing the very people they’re supposed to protect. According to the report, Netherlan...
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Google To Stop Using Irish And Dutch Tax Loopholes
According to Reuters, Google’s parent Alphabet will stop using a tax strategy known as the “Double Irish, Dutch Sandwich” to minimize U.S. taxes...
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Nicolette van Dam’s Dumb World Cup Tweet Goes Viral
The World Cup brings forth strong feelings of national pride and competitiveness. It also brings out the idiots. You know, the sort of people who thin...
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Andrés Iniesta Says The Netherlands Was Simply Better Than Spain
Netherlands win on Friday may have ended Spain’s six-year reign as the best football team in the world. Andres Iniesta, Spain’s central midfielder...
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Russian Bombers Spotted Around Dutch, UK Airspace
Russian bombers are apparently not all that an uncommon sight in Europe. Under normal conditions, nobody would really care if the Russian military cam...
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Mini Cooper: New Changes Attempt to Modernize
The first generation of the new Mini Cooper was released in the United States in 2002, and, since then, the world has not looked back. Sales of Mini C...
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The First 3D Printed House Will Be Built In Amsterdam
Back in 2012, two technologies emerged that promised to build homes in less than 24 hours using a 3D printer. Since then, both Contour Crafting and 3D...
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Netflix Gets Another Big Disney Deal With Exclusive Rights In Netherlands
Netflix has reportedly struck a new deal with Disney, which will make it the exclusive pay-TV rights to all animated and live action films in the Neth...
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Netflix Netherlands Launch Is Now Official
Netflix continues its international expansion today with a launch in the Netherlands. We heard back in June that the launch would come this year, and ...
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Netflix Will Be Available In The Netherlands This Year
Netflix announced on Wednesday that it will launch in the Netherlands in late 2013. This will mark the 41st country where the service is available. It...
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Woman Photographs UFO in the Netherlands
Somebody call Fox Mulder because we’ve got ourselves an honest-to-goodness x-file on our hands, thanks to a female amateur photographer. With th...
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Doodle3D Brings Your Drawings To Life Via 3D Printers
3D printers are getting cheaper and cheaper all the time. Soon enough, we’ll start seeing more than just hobbyists and industrial designers work...
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A Guy Glues The iPhone 5 To The Ground, Hilarity Ensues
The iPhone 5 is now available at retailers in select countries around the world. Unfortunately, some countries will be getting their iPhone 5 next wee...
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The Netherlands Shoots Down ACTA
We here in the U.S. have been far too focused on CISPA lately and for good reason. It has the potential to encroach essential freedoms all in the name...
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The Netherlands Successfully Passes Net Neutrality
The Netherlands has historically been on the cutting edge in relation to certain concepts, especially in regards to personal freedom. While Amsterdam ...
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