Google’s North American Smartphone Share Grew 230% in Q2 2022

Google was the big winner among smartphone makers in Q2 2022, with its market share growing a whopping 230%.

Apple Not Sure About Foldable Phones, Still Testing

Foldable phones may be all the rage, but Apple is still not convinced they’re the future.

Foldable Motorola Razr 3 Is In the Works

A new Motorola Razr is in development, a third-generation foldable device that could make headway in the market.

Apple Testing Two Different Foldable iPhone Designs

Apple has tasked its top supplier, Foxconn, with producing two different prototype designs for a foldable iPhone.

Qualcomm Helping Bring 5G to Low-Cost Phones

Qualcomm has announced it is bringing 5G to its Snapdragon 4-series line of chips.

WWDC 2020 Part 4: Apple’s Custom Silicon—How It Works and What It Means

As we previously reported, Tim Cook announced what many had predicted: The Mac is officially moving to Apple’s custom silicon.

Verizon Hits 4.2Gbps 5G Speeds

Verizon achieved an industry first, hitting 4.2Gbps speeds on its live 5G network.

Motorola Razr Is a Nightmare to Repair

iFixit has done one of their famed teardowns of Motorola’s new folding Razr and one thing is clear: users needing repairs should let Motorola do them.

Motorola Returning to Premium Phones: Razr Just the Beginning

CNET is reporting that Motorola is recommitting to the premium phone market, after years of making budget and midrange phones. Motorola made headlines in November with an updated version of its iconic Razr phone. The new model keeps the old-style,…

Apple to Use Its Own 5G Modems in 2022

According to Fast Company, Apple may have its own 5G modems ready for production as early as 2022, ending its reliance on Qualcomm. Apple has been trying to end its dependence on Qualcomm for some time now. Initially, the company…

Verizon is First in the World to Turn on 5G – Launches in 2 Cities – Starts Selling Moto 5G Phone, Says CEO

“It’s a great day for us to be first in the world with 5G smartphones and turning on the network,” says Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. “We decided to turn it on today (8 days early). We are selling the Moto 5G phone and you can have a fantastic experience with the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network in Minneapolis and Chicago right now.

Verizon CEO: 5G Will Transform the Enterprise

There will be real-time enterprise solutions based on 5G says Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg. He predicts that this is a way to transform an enterprise. Vestberg also says that 5G will continue to aggressively roll out this year.

Motorola Solutions CEO: We Want a Level Playing Field in China Where IP is Not Stolen

Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown explains how China went from a great business opportunity in the mid-1980s to an intellectual property stealing concern following their acceptance into the WTO in 2001.

Cellphone Deals Can Be Found Year Round

Cellphone deals seem like they would be exclusive to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and that is mostly true. If you’re in the market for the latest devices, you’ll have to wait for sales. What about low end devices? Have…

Lenovo Completes Motorola Mobility Acquisition From Google

All the way back in January, Google announced that it was selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. On Thursday, the acquisition was completed. This includes the Motorola brand and portfolio of smartphones, such as Moto X, Moto G,…

Android Wear Update Lets You Leave The Phone At Home

Google announced a new update for Android Wear, its wearables operating system, as well as a new watch from Sony. The update enables Android Wear support of watches with GPS sensors, which means you won’t have to have your phone…

Microsoft To Close Nokia Devices And Services Acquisition, Signs Licensing Agreement With Motorola

In 2011, Microsoft and Nokia partnered to create a “third” smartphone horse in the race against Apple and Android. In September, it became more than a partnership when the two companies announced that Microsoft would buy Nokia’s Devices & Services…

Android Wear: Google Unveils Smartwatch Platform

Google-based smartwatches have been rumored for quite some time, and today, the company finally revealed it its platform for such wearables: Android Wear. Android Wear is described as a project that extends Android to “wearables,” and they’re just starting with…

Motorola Talks Moto X Success, Lenovo Acquisition At MWC 2014

Last week, Motorola didn’t really show off any new hardware at Mobile World Congress. After all, the company is soon to change hands as it heads off to Lenovo later this year. Instead, the company took time out to haven…

Here’s A Prototype Google Smart Watch That Never Saw The Light Of Day

It’s been rumored for a while now that Google has been working on a smart watch. As it turns out, Google actually had a prototype at one point, but it was scrapped. Android Police reports that Google and Motorola were…