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Tina Fey Used to Be A “Mean Girl”
Tina Fey used to be a mean girl. The irony of winding up one of the Mean Girls screenwriters isn’t lost on the SNL alum and Sisters star either....
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Tina Fey Has Bigger Connection to “Mean Girls” Than Simply Serving as Screenwriter
Tina Fey is one of the Mean Girls screenwriters. She also has a much bigger connection to the term “mean girls” than you might expect. It ...
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Amanda Seyfried Joins Cast of ‘Twin Peaks’
Amanda Seyfried has joined the cast of Twin Peaks, an upcoming revival of the 1990s show that boasted a cult following. So far her exact role is a clo...
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Amanda Seyfried Talks Relationship With Actor Justin Long
Amanda Seyfried shares in the June issue of Vogue how she met her boyfriend, actor Justin Long. She also dishes on how and why their relationship is s...
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Jennifer Aniston Might Be Joining “Mean Moms” After All
Jennifer Aniston has long been rumored to be considering a role in the upcoming film Mean Moms–a spinoff of Mean Girls–and, according to D...
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Shailene Woodley: Who is Kylie Jenner? Can’t Name One Direction Members
Shailene Woodley may be a movie star, but she doesn’t know much about pop culture. Often the two go hand-in-hand, but definitely not for the Div...
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Giuliana Rancic: Is She Behind Kathy Griffin Quitting ‘Fashion Police?’
Is Giuliana Rancic the reason Kathy Griffin resigned from Fashion Police? RadarOnline says yes. It wasn’t so much the remark Giuliana Rancic mad...
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Lindsay Lohan: Is She Headed Back to Jail?
Lindsay Lohan could be headed back to jail. The Freaky Friday and Mean Girls star has been in London for a while now, plotting a comeback and starring...
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Dina Lohan Rushes to Lindsay Lohan in London Following Illness Scare
Dina Lohan reportedly rushed to daughter Lindsay Lohan’s side in London on Wednesday on the heels of her serious illness. The Mean Girls actress...
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‘Dancing With the Stars:’ Who Are These Stars?
Dancing With the Stars hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews announced the new season’s cast a few days ago, leaving some fans to ask, “Wher...
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“Dancing With The Stars” Gets “Mean Girls” On Us
Dancing With The Stars has had a lot of celebrities come through on their polished floor, and now it’s time for a whole new batch. According to ...
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Lindsay Lohan Is Planning A Move To London
Since her younger days, starring in films like The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday, Lindsay Lohan has seemingly spiraled out of control. The six-time re...
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Lacey Chabert Brings Tragedy-to-Love Story to TV
Party of Five actress Lacey Chabert will star in a new Hallmark Channel movie to air Saturday. Based on a true story, Chabert will play Gina Kell, a y...
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Lacey Chabert of “Mean Girls” To Play Widow In Hallmark’s “The Color of Rain”
Although she’s best known for her role in the movie Mean Girls, Lacey Chabert will be featured in a tearjerker brought to you by the Hallmark Ch...
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Amanda Seyfried’s Connection To “Mean Girls” Character
Amanda Seyfried has a part in movie history after playing Karen in the Tina Fey hit Mean Girls, which just recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. ...
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“Mean Girls” Reportedly Almost Starred James Franco
It’s been a decade since Mean Girls hit us right in the funny bone, the lexicon, the heart. It was a film written by Tina Fey in all her candid ...
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“Mean Girls” 10th Anniversary: Best Twitter Reactions
Around the world, fans wore pink and quoted Mean Girls to celebrate its anniversary. On April 30, 2004, Mean Girls started a Plastics’ revolution by...
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‘Mean Girls:’ The Ladies A Decade Later
Mean Girls came out ten years ago, and for those thinking that’s not possible–it is. A decade has gone by since Lindsay Lohan and costars ...
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Mean Girls: The Best Scenes Ten Years Later
Exactly ten years ago today the world was given the classic teen comedy Mean Girls. The hit movie starred Lindsay Lohan…back when her hair was r...
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Mean Girls Turns Ten, Already A Classic
Ten years ago today, Mean Girls was bestowed upon the world. And the world was not all that grateful. The film only grossed $24 million on opening wee...
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