Jennifer Aniston Might Be Joining "Mean Moms" After All

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Jennifer Aniston has long been rumored to be considering a role in the upcoming film Mean Moms--a spinoff of Mean Girls--and, according to Deadline, she's one step closer to signing on due to the recent announcement that Sean Anders will be directing.

Aniston and Anders worked together on Horrible Bosses 2, which might give her a bigger nudge towards the project. Aniston has not commented on whether she'll take the role, and her reps say she has other things in the works for the summer, so we'll see. But given her stellar performance in Bosses as a sex-crazed maniac, it's safe to say that Aniston has already proven she can reach far outside of former nice-girl roles and make them her own.

Mean Moms is based on a series of books by Rosalind Wiseman, as Mean Girls was, but it's not clear at this point what sort of mom Aniston would play. Perhaps a Cool Mom, like Amy Poehler?

Aniston made headlines this week when her trainer spoke in an interview about how the actress stays in such great shape. Kathy Kaehler says Aniston breaks up her workouts into five mini-routines a day rather than doing an hour or two, and pairs that with a daily run and a balanced diet. For busy stars like Jennifer Aniston, it's a much easier way to get in their exercise, but it works for us regular folks, too.

“It’s a much better approach, especially for people who have resistance to exercise and use the excuse that they don’t have time to get in a workout,” says Kaehler.

Of course, nutrition is just as important, as is eating several small snacks throughout the day. Jennifer usually goes for something like scrambled eggs, white fish, and grilled chicken tacos, plus dark chocolate squares, blueberries, and goji berries for snacks.

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