Dina Lohan Rushes to Lindsay Lohan in London Following Illness Scare

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Dina Lohan reportedly rushed to daughter Lindsay Lohan's side in London on Wednesday on the heels of her serious illness. The Mean Girls actress was recently diagnosed with Chikungunya, a mosquito-transmitted virus that made her so ill she couldn't walk.

TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan was admitted to a London hospital with a rare, incurable virus she apparently picked up while vacationing in Bora Bora.

The actress contracted the disease over the holidays and then returned to Los Angeles to shoot a Super Bowl ad for Esurance. She wasn't feeling well the entire time. Upon arriving in London, she was so ill she couldn't walk, and was admitted to King Edward VII's Hospital--the same place Queen Elizabeth and the royal family are treated when they are ill.

Lindsay Lohan shared a photo of a meeting she attended while in L.A. via Instragram.

A photo posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

Of course now everyone is likely wondering why Dina Lohan is rushing to Lindsay's side. Lindsay is out of the hospital and it sounds like the lingering effects of the disease include joint pain and weakness. What will Dina Lohan do to alleviate any of that? She isn't exactly the best influence on her daughter.

"Dina wants her to come home to New York when she is released,” a source close to the Lohan family tells RadarOnline. “She is extremely worried for Lindsay and has suggested that she come back to live with her until her symptoms get better.”

Will Lindsay Lohan go home with her mom? Will Dina Lohan for once, perhaps, behave like a mom and actually care for her sick daughter?

Chikungunya can be deadly, but it sounds like doctors in England have Lindsay's case under control. Might she be better off staying near the hospital where she received treatment--at least for now--or should she head to the states with Dina Lohan? Surely New York hospitals are equipped to care for the actress, but is she healthy enough to travel?

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