"Mean Girls" 10th Anniversary: Best Twitter Reactions

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Around the world, fans wore pink and quoted Mean Girls to celebrate its anniversary.

On April 30, 2004, Mean Girls started a Plastics’ revolution by showing the dark and hilarious side of girl culture. The movie also proved, even more, why we love Tina Fey.

After its 2004 release, Mean Girls quickly became a cult classic, and, probably, one of the most quoted movies of all-time. Because of Mean Girls, people kept trying to make fetch happen, wearing pink on Wednesdays, and randomly shouting, “You go, Glenn Coco.” Additionally, the film helped launch the careers of some of today’s biggest starlets, like Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams, and it pushed Lindsay Lohan even more towards mega-stardom.

Now a decade later, Mean Girls still inspires fans to quote it whenever they have the chance. Coincidentally, its ten year anniversary happened to fall on the most memorable day of the week in the movie: wearing pink Wednesday.

To honor Mean Girls’ special day, some of the cast showed their support by tweeting various responses about it.

Some companies honored the movie by marketing their brands, especially clothing stores.


Fans also got in on the Mean Girls’ fun by posting quotes or expressing their love for the movie in different ways.

Means Girls’ cult following will continue to try to make fetch happen until the end of time. Gretchen Wieners would be proud.

Image via Lindsay Lohan, Instagram

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