Mean Girls: The Best Scenes Ten Years Later

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Exactly ten years ago today the world was given the classic teen comedy Mean Girls.

The hit movie starred Lindsay Lohan...back when her hair was red, her eyes were bright, and we all thought she had a HUGE acting career ahead of her.

But I digress.

The movie Mean Girls did more than leave us with a ton of memorable movie quotes; it also shined a light on girl-on-girl bullying.

In retrospect, the whole “burn book” scenario revealed that internet bullying as we know it today was in its infancy.

Looking at the hurt such an item caused at the time, it's rather staggering to imagine how much worse things haven gotten thanks to social media.

As for the funnier aspects of the movie, they have aged pretty well.

Every fan of Mean Girls has a particular quote or scene that he or she knows by heart.

Here are a few popular stand outs:

Aww, why you gotta be like that Regina? Not that it matters because she’s actually wrong. Fetch did happen.

If only as a memorable quote from this movie.

Something tells me the last girl in this montage might actually be a deranged stalker.

I suspect there is a restraining order story that we never actually heard about...


For some reason a person who was probably the most amazing guy at school was never actually fleshed out. This is somewhat part of what makes this scene so hilarious. Four candygrams for a guy that is clearly well liked, but never heard from again.

The other part of these scene's charm is that by contrast Gretchen Wieners is so cruelly denied. She may have barely made “fetch” happen, but thanks to this scene “None for Gretchen Wieners!” has been a mainstay among fans of the movie.

Regina George getting hit by a bus was without a doubt the shocker of the movie. You expect a showdown or maybe even a tear-jerking apology during a teen movie climax.

However that's one end to a conflict I didn't see coming. I admit, I laughed pretty hard at that scene (especially once it was established she wasn't dead).

Mean Girls outlasted a number of teen movies from its era because it continues to be so relatable in a lot of ways.

High school can be hell for teenage girls. It’s often made that way by other teenage girls. You grow older, but you don’t forget it.

At the very least, this movie can help you look back and realize how happy you are to be out of the ridiculous death trap that is the American public school system.

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