Giuliana Rancic: Is She Behind Kathy Griffin Quitting 'Fashion Police?'

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Is Giuliana Rancic the reason Kathy Griffin resigned from Fashion Police? RadarOnline says yes.

It wasn't so much the remark Giuliana Rancic made about Disney star Zendaya and her dreadlocks at the Oscars (Rancic said they smelled like patchouli and weed), but rather her diva behavior that apparently caused a real issue. It's apparently at least partially to blame for Kelly Osbourne leaving the show, too.

“Giuliana’s entourage of a stylist, make-up artist, and assistant, plus her constant need for attention, were absolutely stunning to Kathy,” a source tells Radar. “Kathy is extremely low-maintenance, and doesn’t need to pay people to follow her around all day.”

“Tapings of Fashion Police were awful because Giuliana constantly needed to have her make-up re-touched,” the source added. “Her face was always in front of a mirror. Kathy wanted to turn it into a skit for her comedy act!”

It sounds like Giuliana Rancic lacked in the self-esteem department, too.

“Giuliana was always seeking approval and compliments from the crew of Fashion Police,” the source continued. “And if she wasn’t being validated, there were tears. This is a grown woman, not a teenager.”

The source went on to say that if anyone at all deserved the kind of diva treatment that Giuliana Rancic demanded, it was Kathy Griffin.

"What is Giuliana’s talent exactly? She interviews celebrities on the red carpet, big deal. Kathy is actually a very established and funny comedienne,” the source said. “When was the last time Giuliana sold out a venue, as Kathy does when she performs?”

Kathy Griffin was only recently named as the successor to the late Joan Rivers on Fashion Police.

“Kathy just thought the environment at Fashion Police was very toxic, and felt like something from Mean Girls. It was very cliquish, and Kathy always felt like the outsider. She just didn’t want to put up with it anymore, and quit," the source explained.

Are you surprised to learn that Kathy Griffin has left Fashion Police? Do you think she has now left the door wide open for Giuliana Rancic to fill her shoes?

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