Amanda Seyfried Talks Relationship With Actor Justin Long

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Amanda Seyfried shares in the June issue of Vogue how she met her boyfriend, actor Justin Long. She also dishes on how and why their relationship is so successful.

"I followed him on Instagram, and I thought something he said was really funny," Seyfried sats. "It was a beautiful picture of a snail, and the caption said, 'F------ MOOOOOOOOVE.' It made me laugh out loud, so I texted him."

Amanda Seyfried adds their relationship works well because she can completely be herself when she's with Justin.

"I really do have my own identity, both inside and outside the relationship, if that makes any sense. It just feels right. It's also really good to feel OK being alone," she says.

Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried met in person (following that Instagram sort-of meeting) via mutual friends back in the summer of 2013. They've been together ever since. She knows that the line of work both are in isn't necessarily conducive to maintaining a relationship, so she's careful about the roles she chooses.

"Making movies is two solid months of twelve, fourteen-hour days. I mean, it can ruin your relationship," the Mean Girls and While We're Young star says. "And if you make too many bad decisions in a row, people don't come knocking anymore."

Amanda Seyfried sounds like she is ready to settle down.

"I want to have kids. And I want them to go to local schools, and there are some really good schools around here," she adds. "I would like my life to be the same as it is now, but with a little less stress and a little less work."

Do you suppose the New Girl actor is on the same page as Amanda Seyfried with regard to settling down and starting a family? Things have worked well for the couple for the past two years. Hopefully they agree on the next steps to take--together.

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