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Gillian Anderson Returning to the London Stage
Gillian Anderson, best known for her role as Special Agent Dana Scully on the TV series The X-Files is returning to the stage. In Summer 2014, fans of...
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Amy Winehouse Statue Unveiling Delayed
Mitch Winehouse, father of Amy Winehouse, has delayed the unveiling of the much anticipated statue of his daughter in Camden, England. Even though the...
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Host City 2020 Olympics Will Be Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo will be sports fans’ destination for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympics Games. The International Olympic Committee selected Japan’s capital ci...
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Skyscraper Melting Cars In London, Citizens Beware
It was recently reported that a skyscraper in London, England has been known to melt cars. When parked close enough to the building, certain people ha...
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George Michael Home After Car Accident
On May 16, singer George Michael was injured in a car accident in Northwest London. The accident, which involved no third parties, landed the “F...
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London Attack Leaves One Dead, Two Injured
An attack in London has left one man dead, and two others injured, near a military barracks. The AP is reporting that two men attacked another man in ...
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Helen Mirren, as Queen Elizabeth II, Yells at Street Drummers
Dame Helen Mirren is known for playing characters with proper manners, but the actress this weekend used a few choice words when excoriating a group o...
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Muslims Protest Outside Google UK Headquarters Over “Innocence Of Muslims” [Video]
On Sunday, thousands of Muslims (around 3,500 according to The Huffington Post, but more like 10,000 according to The Telegraph) gathered in protest o...
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New ZombiU Trailer Shows Infested Tower of London
Ubisoft has certainly thrown its lot in with Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console. The game publisher has eight different games coming to the new s...
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Facebook Building New Engineering Team In London
If you’re anywhere near London (or have the inclination to make a move) and fancy yourself a talented engineer, you could land a job with Facebo...
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This Ferris Wheel Uses Tweets To Lighten Up The Mood Of The Olympics
EDF Engergy and Sosolimited are working together to put on what EDF calls the world’s first social media-powered light show. It uses tweets, and...
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Big Ben Renamed, To Be Called Elizabeth Tower
Britsh Parliament’s clock tower, famously known as “Big Ben” to the world, will be renamed Elizabeth Tower in honor of the QueenR...
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First London Underground Wifi Stations Named
London is installing 80 new wifi hotspots in its subway system, and some of the stations in the Underground that will be connected have been announced...
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UK Police Can Now Access Cell Data On The Fly
In what is another erosion of freedom for the people of the UK, the police now have the ability to access the information on your cell phones while ou...
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London Is Great at $#!)?@$$^%* Twitter Swearing
Swearing, like 85% cacao dark chocolate and kalamata olives and people who always interrupt you, is an acquired taste. It’s enough put you off w...
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McDonald’s Supersized To 1/2 The Size Of A Football Field
The most popular fast-food chain in the world is opening up a new restaurant in London just to accomodate the Olympic games this summer, and while it ...
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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Gets a Pretty Google Earth Tour
For those of you that aren’t going to be able to join the millions of people planning to convene upon London this June to participate in the Cen...
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London Underground Transit Alerts Now On Google Maps
It’s pretty nice if you’re fortunate enough to live in a city where there is an underground subway system for public transport. You don...
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England Heat Map Reveals Country’s Energy Demand
England’s Department for Energy and Climate Change has built a new tool using Google Maps API that describes use of heat across the country. The...
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Google Opens Campus London To Encourage Startups
Google is dead set on creating startups around the world to encourage the adoption of new technologies and growth of Internet businesses. Their latest...
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