London Is Great at $#!)?@$$^%* Twitter Swearing

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Swearing, like 85% cacao dark chocolate and kalamata olives and people who always interrupt you, is an acquired taste. It's enough put you off with your first experience to really write the entire notion off of the thing entirely yet, with some applied determination and the right person(s) supporting you, swearing can be elevated into an ethereal art that elevates you into an elite class of people who have transcended the middling tribulations of normal life and arrived into a new afternoon of linguistic enlightenment.

If you're a Twitter user, you have without doubt encountered some swear words. In fact, some Twitterers have seemingly boldly taken up the challenge of seeing how many creative uses of swear words can be craftily deployed within the 140-character restriction.

Ed Manley, a researcher at University College London, has noticed the propensity of Twitter users in London who enjoy the difficult art of cussing and, more, cussing on Twitter. He took Twitter's data and scoured the data for some of the most colorful purple language he could find in his fair city to find out which borrough swears the most on the micro-blogging site. The results reveal that Enfield has the highest percentage of swears in tweets with 3.16% of so to them, I tip my @#%*I hat. He goes into more detail, including a hypothesis about trends of cussing in London, over at the accompanying post on his blog.

Manley, in his effortless genius, actually made a Google Maps layer to display the percentage of swearing per tweet per borrough. Have a look-see.

Click here to see the full size map

Now if only somebody could produce a similar map of different cities and neighborhoods in the United States with Google Maps API, I will do a couple of jumping jacks.