Student Arrested For Filming Buildings In London


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You have to watch this video of a young Italian student who is harassed and subsequently arrested by London police that were claiming she was committing activity suspicious of being terrorist and riding a bicycle on the wrong side of the street. It is very obvious from the footage that the officer is merely seeking to belittle the student and take advantage of his power as an officer of the law. It's a totally appalling display by someone who doesn't possess the intelligence to be in the position he is in to begin with; high school bully grows up and gets a job.

Simona Bonomo, the student involved, spent five hours in a jail cell, at which time they told her she could be released if she agreed to an 80 pound fine. She left the jail and returned to the arrest site to see if she could get an account from witnesses.

Watch the video:

Soon after her arrest, Bonomo was compelled to take legal action against the officer who arrested her and the police department. She hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit. Apparently this was too much to take for the officer involved and the police department, because they chose to pay her off in a settlement rather than allowing the case to continue and be heard in the courts.

Bonomo comments on the settlement and the actions taken by the police involved:

"I am pleased with the settlement but money alone does not erase what happened and I am left with consternation that the systems in place to protect citizens from police brutality do not work,"

Hopefully this will cause the police-force to rethink their policies on arresting people who have done nothing wrong. Officials should realize that if they abuse their power it can be taken away. It's sad to see people victimized in this fashion.