London Attack Leaves One Dead, Two Injured


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An attack in London has left one man dead, and two others injured, near a military barracks.

The AP is reporting that two men attacked another man in London this morning. Those on the scene said that the attackers employed a number of weapons, but it's unknown if a gun was involved yet.

Police responded to reports of an assault where they found one man dead. The two other men were shot and taken to nearby hospitals.

The above scenario may seem like a random act of violence, but the authorities aren't so sure yet. An anonymous government official said that the attack may have been "terrorist-motivated" and that the authorities are investigating the incident as such.

While it may pale in comparison, this isn't the first time London has suffered a terrorist attack. In 2005, suicide bombers attacked the public transportation system in London leading to the deaths of fifty-two civilians and over 700 were injured.

More details regarding this latest attack will likely emerge in the coming days. We can just be thankful that not more were injured or killed.

Here's a report with more details on the attack: