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Flash Played Extended Support Upgrades To Version 13 In May
If you want to be secure on the Web, it’s best that you keep all your extensions upgraded. Flash Player is no exception as its does occasionally...
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Total Seminars Updates A+ Study Materials
Total Seminars, an online provider of IT certification test materials, this week announced that it has updated all of its A+ certification practice te...
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IT Spending to Reach $3.8 Trillion This Year
As the world has become more connected, the global economy has shifted significantly toward information technology. On the eve of the Consumer Electro...
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LinkedIn Partners With IDG On New Group Programs
LinkedIn has announced a new partnership with IDG Communications to offer IT vendors and marketers new ways to engage wit LinkedIn members. The IDG En...
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Cisco To Acquire IT Energy Management Firm JouleX
Cisco announced on Wednesday its intent to acquire IT engergy management company JouleX. Cisco says the Atlanta-based company complements its existing...
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Increase Employee Productivity With A BYOD Policy
For many years, businesses supplied their employees with a phone to keep personal and work information separate. With the advent of more sophisticated...
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Microsoft Thinks The Future Of Information Technology Lies In Intelligent Technology
IT, or Information Technology, according to Webster’s is “the technology involving the development, maintenance, and the use of computer s...
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Amazon Launches High Memory Cluster Instances For EC2
Amazon announced new High Memory Cluster instances for Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). These are designed for memory-intensive...
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Google Launches A New Google Search Appliance
Google Search Appliance has been around for about a decade, and today, the box has received a new update with version 7.0. This version adds universal...
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IBM: New Software Helps Enterprises with Mobile & Cloud Computing
During the recent IBM Impact 2012 Conference, the company made several announcements. Among them were the company’s introductions of new software sy...
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Cyber Security and Advanced Malware [Infographic]
I’m sure this is not news, but over 60% of security and IT professionals think their organization will be the victims of some type of cyber atta...
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Cloud-Based Cuts Company Waste [Inforgraphic]
Do you feel like you waste a lot of time at working trying to carry out tasks that should be simple by nature? How many hours have you wasted relaying...
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Top 25 CIOs Active in Social Media [Infographic]
Chief Information Officers can have a full plate, if they’re anything like the server-slaves that work in the org tree beneath them. Keeping up ...
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26-Year-Old Software Engineer Congressional Candidate Impresses Reddit, Matt Cutts
According to 26-year-old Patrick Kelly, Washington needs more engineers and less lawyers. That’s why he has decided to run for U.S. Congress in ...
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Cloud Vs. Conventional IT ROI Research Findings
When utilizing clouds as an IT service there is a complex method for figuring costs and a growing fear that those costs are going to severely cut into...
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Top 12 Cities For IT Jobs In 2012
If you’re looking for a new or better job in the IT industry here’s some great news. There is hope for those who want to work somewhere ot...
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CIOs Continue Hiring IT Professionals
In another sign of a rebounding economy, technology executives are expected to continue hiring IT personel in the second quarter of 2012, albeit at a ...
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Mobile Devices Keep IT Departments Racing
As mobile devices and applications extend the boundaries of the workplace, information technology (IT) departments must create new policies and proced...
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Students Missing Out On Jobs Due To Poor Info
With unemployment numbers sitting where they are, you would think that schools and universities would be doing all they can to help place students int...
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IT Employment Continues to Grow
In December 2011, the IT job market grew by 15,300 jobs, which is part of a general upward trend according to a report by TechServe Alliance. This fig...
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