Cloud-Based Cuts Company Waste [Inforgraphic]


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Do you feel like you waste a lot of time at working trying to carry out tasks that should be simple by nature? How many hours have you wasted relaying the same information to the same people, continually trying to schedule meetings, searching for key data which should be at your fingertips, or just plain wasting time getting involved in communications you don't need to be a part of?

Research shows that many people who spend time in the knowledge field waste a great deal of time with the IT solutions provided to them. In other words, the system which is supposed to serve them is often the largest barrier to efficiency and success. Rypple.Com is the provider of this next infographic that seeks to stress the importance of cutting wasted time and streamlining communication through cloud-based IT solutions.

It is a very revealing infographic and speaks directly to many real-world complaints I have heard from people in these industries in the past. So if you're frustrated with how communications are getting managed in your workplace, take a look at what they found and what they believe the solution could be.


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