Top 25 CIOs Active in Social Media [Infographic]

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Chief Information Officers can have a full plate, if they're anything like the server-slaves that work in the org tree beneath them. Keeping up with changing technology, staying well-read on better ways to accomplish a company's goals, and just generally knowing as much or more than you expect those who work for you to know can take a lot of time. It might seem to make sense that a CIO not have time to maintain a steady Twitter or other social presence.

But, on the other hand, how better to stay abreast of new developments, know who's who and did what in the world of technology than to keep a vibrant social presence?

Software developer has compiled a list of Fortune 250 CIOs that are most socially active across LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. They also considered the activity on the Interwebs about these people when calculating their impact on the social scene. How often were they mentioned on blogs? What were their Alexa scores? And, generally speaking, what happened when you Googled their names?

CIO Social Infographic

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