Total Seminars Updates A+ Study Materials

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Total Seminars, an online provider of IT certification test materials, this week announced that it has updated all of its A+ certification practice test materials. The practice materials now reflect the recent revisions made to the A+ certification exam.

Total Seminars is a large purveyor of IT certification study materials. The company sells books, practice tests, and video training for a variety of IT certification standards including A+, Network+, Security+, and Strata. A+ certification is a basic IT certification that covers computer technician essentials and also serves as an elective for MCSA and MCSE certification.

Total Seminars' A+ certification test materials give customers 100 questions to complete within 90 minutes, simulating conditions in the real A+ certification test. The practice tests are then graded by topic, allowing customers to hone in on areas of study before taking the real test.

The update to Total Seminars' A+ study materials is a common one that changes content slightly to keep up with changes to the real A+ exam. A+ certification requirements are revised regularly to keep up with the changing landscape of IT and computer hardware. Total Seminars advises A+ test-takers to shy away from outdated practice and study materials, as the subject matter may have changed with subsequent revisions.