Remote Work IT Spending Will Hit $332.9 Billion In 2021

Gartner is predicting companies will spend some $332.9 billion on remote work IT in 2021 as the digital transformation continues.

AWS Using Bottlerocket Linux For Container Hosting

AWS has revealed that Bottlerocket Linux is the operating system (OS) it is using for container hosting.

ATF Moving Data and Applications to the Cloud

FedScoop is reporting that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will soon close its last data center as it finishes moving its data and applications to AWS. ATF CTO Mason McDaniel told FedScoop the goal is to completely…

At Honeywell Innovation is Always the Key, Says CEO

“Anything we do in Honeywell, innovation is always the key,” says Honeywell CEO Darius Adamczyk. “Whether it’s expanding into Europe, driving more robotics, a connected warehouse offering which we are bringing to customers and having a broader play, are the key technology levers for that business.”

Imagine If IT Had One Tool To Fix Anything

“Imagine if IT had one tool to fix anything,” says the Chief Creatologist at Dell Technologies Joe Batista. “That’s nirvana. That’s not reality, because I have tool fatigue. With the influx of cash, the level of innovation cycle time and how the industry’s become more fragmented with lots of products, the complexity has increased exponentially.”

Machine Learning Should Be Used to Deliver Great Brand Experiences, Says PagerDuty CEO

PagerDuty is really about making sure that our users understand that this could be a good thing, being woken up in the middle of the night if it’s for the right problem. It’s a way that can help you deliver a much better experience for your customers.

Google Creates a Technical Guide for Moving to the Cloud

Google has created a guide in the form of a website for companies that are considering a move to their cloud called Google Cloud Platform for Data Center Professionals. “We recognize that a migration of any size can be a…

How Grab Scales to Huge Demand While Staying Stable

Grab, a Singapore based Uber type service, is so popular that if their IT infrastructure didn’t remain stable during peak usage transportation would literally ground to a halt. Grab is the leading ride sharing service in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,…

Georgia Prison CIO Gives Google Cloud Credit for Saving Millions

Georgia’s Department of Community Supervision has gone virtual via Google Apps and Chromebooks. With staff increases and with significant amounts of time outside of their offices, The State of Georgia was looking for a more economical and cost-efficient solution to…

Google’s Innovative Approach to Making Cloud Computing Secure

Google recently conducted a roundtable of in-house experts discussing how Google uniquely provides a secure platform for businesses to store their data online. Google experts tell the story of how Google invented innovative technology allowing them to keep their customers…