IBM: New Software Helps Enterprises with Mobile & Cloud Computing

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During the recent IBM Impact 2012 Conference, the company made several announcements. Among them were the company’s introductions of new software systems primarily focused on mobile and cloud computing.

Paul Brunet, VP of IBM Application and Integration Middleware IBM announced its Mobile Foundation, which is an effort geared toward helping enterprises capitalize on the entire mobile environment. As Paul Brunet, the Vice President of IBM Application and Integration Middleware, explained to WebProNews, this type of system is especially important given mobile’s dominance across the board. IBM studies show that the current $22 billion mobile market is expected to grow to $36 billion by 2015.

With this foundation, IBM focuses on the parts that enterprises concentrate on as well, which are scalability and security.

“There’s this middle ground of all the things that really make it scalable, reliable, secure… and that’s really what IBM is focused around in regards to delivering the mobile foundation,” said Brunet.

The mobile foundation is built on IBM’s acquisition of Worklight but expands it to include the company’s WebSphere Cast Iron capabilities. As a result, organizations have the ability to build and connect applications to the cloud or other internal apps. Furthermore, Brunet told us, they have a stronger control over the communication and ideas that go out through the apps and mobile devices.

IBM also announced new elements to its PureSystems family of expert integrated systems. According to Brunet, IBM is hoping to reduce the costs and complexities associated with IT and application development with this new offering.

“The family of PureSystems really looks at integrating the hardware through networking, through storage – all the way to the middleware to the integrated management,” he said.

At this point, many organizations are spending 70 percent or more on management and maintenance costs. Brunet told us that IBM is trying to change this trend by allowing businesses to get new services to their clients while also optimizing and driving greater efficiencies in their IT departments. The company has created “patterns of expertise” for streamlining these processes and is also enabling its clients to build their own patterns.

“Harnessing these patterns and making sure that a client… who might typically take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to deploy one of these environments... is really allowing them to do it in a number of hours,” explained Brunet.

Ultimately, he said that IBM wants to alleviate workloads in order for enterprises to focus on making their products and services better.

IBM’s new software systems are currently available.

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