Cyber Security and Advanced Malware [Infographic]

IT Management

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I'm sure this is not news, but over 60% of security and IT professionals think their organization will be the victims of some type of cyber attack within the next six months. That's an awful large group of people who are worried about the integrity of the systems they work on everyday. Either we have an enormous and growing criminal element at work here or we have some pretty shoddy systems that we're all using? Or, could it all be just a lot of hype and scare tactics from the media?

The answer is that it is all of these things. Many of our organizations don't have very good security, there are lots of folks who like to hack in and steal information, and there's a lot of hype about security threats in the media everyday.

This next infographic from Bit9.Com gives us some powerful insight and statistical analysis about what's really going on out there with cyber security. It appears there's a lot that can be done to make it less likely your organization will be victims of an attack, and most of it is just about being proactive.

I think this graphic is relevant to almost everyone today. Take as look at it and decide for yourself if you're doing everything you can to stay protected. It's filled with great facts and useful information.

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