Facebook May Pull Out of Europe

Facebook is warning it may pull out of Europe over a decision by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC).

Instagram Accused of Spying on Users Via Phone Cameras

Facebook is being sued over allegations Instagram is spying on users via their phone cameras.

Facebook Turns to AI For Automatic Captioning

Facebook has rolled out automatic captioning in IGTV, Facebook Live and Workplace Live, powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Instagram May Start Asking For Your Government ID

Instagram has announced it will start asking some users to provide their government ID to prove who they are.

Instagram Wasn’t Deleting User Data From Servers

A security researcher has been awarded a bug bounty after discovering Instagram was retaining data long after he had deleted it.

WhatsApp Business Sees Ten-Fold Growth

WhatsApp has reported it now has some 50 million users of its WhatsApp Business app.

Facebook Acquires Giphy, Adding It to Instagram

Facebook announced it is acquiring Giphy, with plans to integrate it into the Instagram platform.

Google Still The King of Driving Ecommerce Sales

Facebook and Instagram may be the darlings of many advertisers, but data shows Google is still the king of driving ecommerce traffic.

Instagram Rival VSCO Lays Off a Third Of Staff

Joining the ranks of other startups impacted by the coronavirus, VSCO has laid off roughly a third of its staff.

Disappearing Messages Coming to Instagram

Instagram is finally working on a feature that its competitors have had for some time: disappearing messages.