Instagram’s Founders Are Launching An AI-Powered Social News Feed

Instagram’s founders are on to their next venture, launching Artifact, an AI-powered social news feed app.

Pixelfed: Instagram Is Threatening Us

Open source image sharing service Pixelfed says Instagram is threatening it with legal action.

Stories by Pixlr: Free and Customizable Instagram Story Templates

Looking to make a splash on Instagram, but not sure how to begin? Check out more about Instagram story templates below.

Instagram Down for Millions

Instagram appears to be experiencing major problems Monday, with users reporting being locked out and having their accounts suspended.

Instagram Developing Method to Securely Detect Unsolicited Nudes

Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature that would securely detect and protect users from unsolicited nudes in chats.

Instagram Hit With Record $402 Million Fine Over Children’s Data

Instagram has been fined a record $402 million by Ireland’s data privacy regulator over how the social media company handled children’s data.

How To Make The Instagram Algorithm Work For You

Instagram is tricky to master, but rewarding once you do. Learn how to make the Instagram algorithm work for you below.

Effective Ways to Boost Your Instagram Reach

Instagram has become an integral part of marketing strategies for many business owners, especially for those who are looking to reach new customers or grow their business by raising awareness. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms,…

Instagram Finally Brings Back Chronological Feeds

After years of complaints and unhappy users, Instagram has finally brought back the ability to see feeds chronologically.

Instagram Joining the NFT Craze

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the company’s plans to bring NFTs to Instagram, a move that is sure to draw praise and criticism.

Russia Blocks Instagram In Retaliation For Resistance Posts

Russia vowed to block Instagram Sunday at midnight, in response to Meta allowing Ukrainians to post resistance messages.

Meta May Leave EU Market Over Privacy Regulations

Meta is threatening to leave the EU market if it’s not allowed to share EU user data with its US-based data centers.

Instagram Bringing Back Chronological Feed

Instagram is bringing back the chronological feed, addressing one of the biggest complaints users have about the platform.

Apple’s App Store Set to Hit $85 Billion in Sales in 2021

New data indicates the Apple App Store is on track to blow past last year’s earnings, topping $85 billion in 2021.

The Internet Is Broke: Almost Every Major Site Experiencing Outages

The majority of high-profile sites are experiencing outages Tuesday afternoon, with no indication what the cause is.

Facebook May Change Its Name

Facebook is considering the possibility of changing its name, both to better reflect its future ambitions and distance itself from existing scrutiny.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Experience Another Outage

Facebook has experienced another outage impacting its services, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Router Configuration Change Responsible for Facebook Outage

Facebook has disclosed the cause of its outage Monday, one of the worst in its history, and misconfigured routers were to blame.

Telegram a Casualty of Facebook’s Woes

Telegram was an unlikely casualty Facebook’s troubles Monday, as people flocked to the messaging service, slowing it down.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Offline for Hours

Facebook is having major issues, as the company’s services have been down for hours, as of Monday afternoon.