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Tag: HBO Max

HBO Max Is Trying to Fix Playback Issues on Apple TV 4K
HBO is aware of an issue with HBO Max running on Apple TV 4K devices and is working to address it....
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Warner Bros. Discovery Accelerating HBO Max/Discovery+ Merger
Warner Bros. Discovery is moving up its merger of HBO Max and Discovery+, crediting better-than-anticipated progress....
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No More Free Streaming Services For New AT&T Customers
AT&T is no longer bundling HBO Max, or any other streaming service, with its top-tier plan, bucking a popular trend among wireless carriers....
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HBO Max Expands to Europe October 26
HBO Max has announced plans to expand to its first six European markets on October 26....
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Four Labor Unions Ask FTC to Block Amazon’s MGM Purchase
The Strategic Organizing Center (SOC) has written the Federal Trade Commission, asking the agency to block Amazon’s MGM purchase....
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AT&T and TPG Capital Complete DirecTV Spin-Off
AT&T and TPG Capital have completed their DirecTV deal, spinning off the brand from AT&T....
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HBO Forces Apple TV Users to HBO Max, Shuts Down Apple TV Channel
HBO has shut down its Apple TV Channel, forcing users to embrace HBO Max instead....
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Streaming TV Only 26% of Market But Growing Fast
Streaming TV may be constantly in the news, with a new service seemingly cropping up every week, but it still comprises a minority of the market....
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A Single Customer Was Responsible for Fastly’s Outage
Fastly has said a single customer caused yesterday’s outage, an outage that had widespread repercussions....
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CDN Glitch Leads to Massive Internet Outages
A glitch at Fastly, a popular CDN, led to outages for some of the internet’s biggest sites Tuesday morning....
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AT&T Scores on Wireless Growth and HBO Max
AT&T reported its first-quarter results, scoring big on wireless subscriber growth and HBO Max subscriptions....
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Mozilla Leads the Charge For Net Neutrality’s Reinstatement
Mozilla, along with a coalition of companies, has sent a letter to the FCC asking for the reinstatement of net neutrality....
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AT&T Will Start Counting HBO Max Against Data Plans
AT&T has announced it will start counting HBO Max against wireless data plans, ending a previous exemption....
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AT&T Will Spin Off DirecTV
After months of exploring a potential sale of DirecTV, AT&T has decided to spin off the satellite TV service....
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Net Neutrality and a Biden Presidency
A Biden presidency could have an enormous impact on net neutrality, one of the most contested rules in recent years....
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AT&T CEO: HBO Max At Huge Disadvantage To Big Tech
AT&T's streaming video service HBO Max is at a huge disadvantage to tech companies in the streaming video market says AT&T CEO, John Stankey....
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The Case for Net Neutrality: AT&T Favoring HBO Max Over Netflix
AT&T is not counting access to HBO Max against customers’ mobile data plans, unlike Netflix or competing services....
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ViacomCBS May Launch New Streaming Service
CNBC is reporting that ViacomCBS may be preparing to release a new streaming service. According to the report, the new streaming service will build on...
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