Microsoft and Starlink Combine Cloud Computing and Anywhere Connectivity

Microsoft is expanding its focus on space, working with SpaceX to combine the power of Azure with the latter’s Starlink internet.

SpaceX Fires Employees Who Called Elon Musk An ‘Embarrassment’

SpaceX has moved swiftly, firing employees who wrote an open letter to executives in which they called Elon Musk an “embarrassment.”

Starlink Targeting September for Global Coverage

SpaceX is planning on providing global internet coverage by September, via its Starlink satellite constellation.

SpaceX Taps Google to Assist With Starlink Internet Access

Google is partnering with SpaceX to provide cloud and internet services, in combination with the latter’s Starlink satellite internet.

SpaceX President: No Plans for Tiered Starlink Pricing

SpaceX is aggressively rolling out its Starlink satellite internet service, and has no plans to offer multi-tier pricing.

SpaceX Plans to Spin Off Starlink, Offer IPO

Bloomberg is reporting Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans to spin off Starlink in an effort to help shake up the internet industry. SpaceX has already launched 240 of its Starlink satellites into space, and is moving forward in batches of 60…