Google Map Workers Given 90-Day RTO Extension

Contractors working for Google Maps have received a 90-day extension on their return-to-office (RTO) deadline.

Google Maps Is Experiencing an Outage

Google is currently working to address an outage with Google Maps that is impacting some users.

Some Google Maps Features Disabled in Ukraine Over Security Concerns

Google has taken the unusual step of disabling some features in Google Maps for Ukraine, likely out of concern Russian forces could use it in their invasion.

Google Maps Now Features Eco-Friendly Routing

Google Maps has introduced a new feature, eco-friendly routing, to help individuals be a little greener in their travels.

Android 2.3.7 and Older Versions in the Cold

Google is cutting off Android 2.3.7 and older from logging in, leaving the aging versions of the mobile OS in the cold.

Google Flags Its Own iOS Apps As Out-of-Date

In an embarrassing glitch, Google’s servers flagged its own apps as out-of-date because…they are.

Ford Partners With Google For Cloud, Data, AI and Machine Learning

Ford has named Google its preferred partner in its connected vehicle efforts, also naming Google Cloud as its preferred cloud platform.

Users Can Now Contribute to Google Street View

Google has announced a change to the Street View app for Android, allowing users to contribute to Street View in Google Maps.

Google Rolls Out Business Messaging In Google Maps

Google has unveiled a significant update to Google Maps, allowing businesses to reply to customers directly within the application.

New Apple Maps Rolls Out Nationwide

Apple has been working on improve Maps since 2018 and the company announced the new version has rolled out to all U.S. customers. Apple Maps has lagged behind Google Maps since its introduction, but Apple began an intense effort to…

Incognito Mode Comes to Google Maps For iOS

Google has brought Incognito Mode to Google Maps for iOS, according to an announcement on the company’s website. According to the blog post, when Google Maps is in Incognito Mode, “the places you search for or navigate to won’t be…

Google Maps Gets Ride Services Tab, Includes Uber

Google announced that it’s adding a ride services tab to Google Maps on mobile. This swill exist alongside car, transit, walking, and biking options that were already there. The feature includes Uber services U.S. as well as those from 99Taxis…

Google Integrates Places API with Google Maps Search

Google announced that it has integrated the Places API with Google Maps search in an effort to offer more consistent search results across Google Maps and the API and provide better search quality for API responses. The company said it…

It Looks Like Apple Street View is On the Way

It looks like Apple is getting ready to significantly boost the quality of its Maps product, possibly with its own Street-View like feature. Greg Sterling at Search Engine Land points to a page on the Apple Maps site describing its…

Apple Maps Is More Important To Your Business Than Ever

If you run a small business and aren’t taking Apple Maps seriously as a place where people will find your business, you may want to rethink that. Do you pay attention to your business listing in Apple Maps? Have you…

Google Pilots Local Business Markup for Knowledge Panels

Last week, Google launched the Google My Business API to let big businesses and third parties integrate with the Google My Business platform and publish updates to customers on Google Search and Google Maps. Businesses can use the API to…

Google Maps Gets Offline Maps On iOS

Google Maps is getting some improvements on iOS including a major one that launched on Android last month: offline maps. This is a feature that would have been nice to have for years, but better late than never. When you’re…

Google Expands Google Maps Maps Local Guides

Google announced that it is expanding its Local Guides program for Google Maps. The program lets people sign up and then contribute to Google Maps wherever they go to earn early access to new products, exclusive contests and events, bonus…

Google Maps Lets You Download Areas of the World for Offline Viewing

Google Maps can be quite an incredible tool for people trying to figure out where they’re going. For many, it has replaced the traditional GPS navigation system in their vehicles as it offers similar functionality. Unfortunately, there are times when…

Google Lets People in 45 More Countries Edit Maps Again (Including the US)

Google is going to let you hooligans edit its Maps again, even though you couldn’t resist using the tool to draw pissing Androids. The company has announced the second phase of the Google Map Maker reopening. This will open the…