GM Investing $650 Million in Lithium Americas for Lithium Mining

General Motors is investing $650 million in Lithium Americas to help develop the Thacker Pass lithium mine in Nevada.

GM Finally Begins Production of the Hummer SUV

General Motors has finally begun production of the Hummer SUV, over a year after production of the Hummer pickup began.

GM Recalls Hummer and BrightDrop EV600 Over Battery Issue

General Motors (GM) is recalling two of its electric vehicles EVs) over an issue with their batteries.

GM Taking on Tesla With New Energy Division

GM is ramping up the pressure on Tesla, setting up a new energy division to more directly compete.

GM Scores Contract With Hertz for 175,000 Electric Vehicles

GM has scored a major contract with rental company Hertz, agreeing to provide the latter with 175,000 electric vehicles (EVs) over the next five years.

GM’s Cruise Robotaxi Service Hits a Speed Bump

General Motors’ Cruise has hit a speed bump, forced to recall its robotaxis just a day after getting authorization to operate them in California.

Don’t Want GM OnStar? Too Bad…GM Makes It a Mandatory Option

Car and trucker buyers shopping for some GM models, but wanting to avoid OnStar, are out of luck.

Supply Chain Woes Leave GM With 95,000 Vehicles Waiting for Parts

Supply chain issues continue to plague the auto industry, with GM currently waiting for parts for some 95,000 vehicles.

GM Will Double Its Super Cruise Network

GM is expanding its hands-free driving technology, Super Cruise, so it can be used on hundreds of thousands of miles of additional roads.

GM Targets 1 Million EVs by 2025

GM is continuing its efforts to convert to an electric vehicle (EV) lineup, securing supply lines to help it hit 1 million EVs by 2025.

GM Turns to 3D Printing to Keep Tahoe Production On Track

GM is turning to 3D printing to keep Tahoe production on track, printing some 60,000 parts as supply chain issues impact manufacturing.

GM Kills Off Marketplace

GM has announced it has killed off Marketplace, one of its more innovative convenience features.

GM’s Mary Barra Says Company Could Top Tesla in EV Market

GM CEO Mary Barra is throwing down the gauntlet, claiming her company will top Tesla in the EV market.

GM Investing $7 Billion in Michigan Plants to Further EV Production

GM is investing $7 billion in four Michigan manufacturing sites, as it pivots to electric vehicle (EV) production.

GM Plans to Double Revenue by 2030

General Motors plans to double its annual revenue by 2030, a far cry from the semiconductor woes the auto industry is currently dealing with.

GM Ultra Cruise Will Bring True Hands-Free Driving Across 95% of Scenarios

GM has announced its next generation autonomous driving software, Ultra Cruise, covering 95% of driving scenarios.

White House Wades In As Chip Crisis Poised to Cost Auto Industry $210 Billion

The White House is discussing the ongoing semiconductor crisis with companies as the auto industry is poised to lose $210 billion in revenue.

GM and LG Working to Fix Bolt Battery Issues

General Motors and LG are working to fix the issues that led to a recall of the Chevy Bolt over fire concerns.

Chip Shortage Shuts Down Almost All GM’s North American Production

GM is shutting down production at almost all of its North American plants as a result of the global chip shortage.

GM Extends Bolt Recall to 73,000 Additional Vehicles

GM is voluntarily recalling an additional 73,000 Chevrolet Bolt and Bolt EUVs over a fire risk.