OpenAI CEO: Remote Work ‘One of the Tech Industry’s Worst Mistakes ‘

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has weighed in on remote work and is not a fan, saying, “the experiment on that is over.”

AWS Is Cracking Down With New Controls Managers’ Hiring Authority

AWS is continuing its cost-cutting measures, cracking down on managers’ authority to hire people.

Google CEO: ‘All AIs Have Hallucination Issues,’ and No One Knows Why

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has weighed in on AI development, saying all models have hallucination issues and no one has solved the problem.

‘Penned’ Employees Confirm a Big Trend Behind Tech Layoffs

Tech executives have increasingly defended unpopular layoffs, saying many workers were doing nothing — and they’re right.

JPMorgan: US ‘Past the Point of No Return’ and Headed Toward Recession

JPMorgan is sounding the warning about the US economy, saying it is “already past the point of no return.”

Intel the Latest Company to Implement a Hiring Freeze

Intel joins a growing list of companies that have initiated a freeze on hiring over fears of an impending economic downturn.

JPMorgan Opens Offices in the Metaverse

JPMorgan is a big believer in the metaverse, becoming the first bank to open an office it in.

France Upholds Apple’s Privacy Changes

In a win for Apple and privacy advocates, the French Competition Authority has upheld Apple’s right to proceed with its iOS privacy changes.

76% of US CEOs Plan On Shrinking Office Space Due to Remote Work

Some 76% of US CEOs plan on reducing their office space footprint as a result of the ongoing transition to remote work amid the pandemic.

Wheel of Fortune Contestant Solves Puzzle with One Letter Showing, Sets Winnings Record

When people are talking about ‘what happened on Wheel of Fortune last night’, it’s likely due to someone failing pretty hard. It happens a lot. Honestly, there’s not much on TV more infuriating than a terrible Wheel of Fortune player.…