Wheel of Fortune Contestant Solves Puzzle with One Letter Showing, Sets Winnings Record

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When people are talking about 'what happened on Wheel of Fortune last night', it's likely due to someone failing pretty hard. It happens a lot. Honestly, there's not much on TV more infuriating than a terrible Wheel of Fortune player. Why the hell did you buy a vowel ... you were going to solve it anyway ...

This time, it's just the opposite. This time, someone solved a toss-up puzzle in less than a second and set a winnings record in the process.

Matt DeSanto of Malvern, Pennsylvania is pretty good at Wheel of Fortune. With just one letter appearing on the board, DeSanto correctly guessed the character they were looking for – the Lone Ranger.

While impressive, this quick guess isn't even the most impressive thing about DeSanto's time on the show. He wound up winning $91,892 – a record for the storied series. Not only that, but he correctly solved every single puzzle.

Unfortunately, the bonus round brought his fairytale night to an end when he was unable to correctly guess "wooden gavel".

Josh Wolford
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