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Tag: financial times

Yahoo IPO ‘a Decently Likely Outcome’
Yahoo's comeback continues unabated, with the company indicating it will likely have an initial public offering at some point in the future....
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EU Prepares to Investigate Adobe’s $20 Billion Figma Acquisition
Adobe's $20 billion Figma acquisition may be in trouble with news that the EU Commission may be preparing to investigate the deal....
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Germany Will Not Give Intel More Subsidies for Fabrication Plant
Germany has dealt Intel a blow, saying it will not give the chipmaker additional subsidies to help it build its “semiconductor fab mega-site.”...
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Microsoft Will Reportedly Stop Bundling Teams With Office
Microsoft has reportedly agreed to stop bundling Teams with its Office productivity suite to avoid a full-blown antitrust investigation in the EU....
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Arm Is Developing a Showcase Chip to Attract Business
Arm is reportedly working on its own chip to showcase what its designs are capable of in the hopes of attracting more business....
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Microsoft May Launch Mobile Game Store Next Year
Microsoft may launch a mobile game store next year in one of its most ambitious attempts to take on Apple and Google....
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Apple Will ‘Make Changes’ After HR Botches Sexual Abuse Allegations
Apple has acknowledged missteps and said it will "make changes" after reports it mishandled 15 women's allegations of sexual abuse....
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Startup Develops Tech to Deliver Pain in the Metaverse
H2L Technologies has developed technology to allow users to experience real pain in response to their metaverse activities....
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Elon Musk Pushes Back on Accusations SpaceX Is Cluttering Space
Space X CEO Elon Musk pushed back on accusations his company is cluttering space with its Starlink satellite constellation....
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US Officials Warn EU Against Targeting American Companies
US officials are warning the EU not to single out American companies with “protectionist” tech policies....
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A Single Customer Was Responsible for Fastly’s Outage
Fastly has said a single customer caused yesterday’s outage, an outage that had widespread repercussions....
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CDN Glitch Leads to Massive Internet Outages
A glitch at Fastly, a popular CDN, led to outages for some of the internet’s biggest sites Tuesday morning....
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Tesla May Pay for Semiconductors in Advance
Tesla is poised to take the unusual step of paying for semiconductors in advance in an effort to stay ahead of the shortage....
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Investors Urging Amazon to Stop Pressuring Workers On Unionization
Investors are reportedly urging Amazon to stop pressuring workers amid the first-ever vote on unionization by the company’s workers....
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Is Microsoft Teams the Next Great Spyware?
Microsoft Teams is one of the primary corporate communications platforms, but recent information suggests it collects disturbing amounts of informatio...
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More Evidence Apple Is Working On Its Own Search Engine
More evidence would suggest that Apple is working on its own search engine to help challenge Google’s dominance....
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Huawei Shifting Focus to the Cloud
As US-led sanctions take a toll, Huawei is increasingly shifting its focus to the cloud to help secure its future....
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Amazon and Goldman Sachs May Soon Partner For Lending Services
According to Quartz, and originally reported on by the Financial Times, Amazon and Goldman Sachs may soon team up “to offer small business loans in ...
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Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai Supports AI Regulation
Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming the ‘next big thing’ in the technology industry, with ramifications that are only now being disco...
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Apple Removes Financial Times iPad, iPhone App
After refusing to comply with Apple’s new terms for in-app subscription payments, the Financial Times has seen both their iPhone and iPad apps p...
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