Rivian Turns to E-Bikes to Attain Profitability

Rivian is making an unusual sidestep from its electric automobile business, reportedly working on an e-bike.

Baidu Set to Unveil AI-Powered Search

Baidu is preparing to unveil an AI-powered, ChatGPT-like search engine based on the company’s Ernie tech.

Tesla’s Are Getting Major Price Cuts

Potential Tesla buyers are in for some good news, with multiple models seeing some major price cuts in the US and Europe.

California Landlord Sues Twitter for Not Paying Rent

California Property Trust is suing Twitter for $136,250, saying the company has stopped honoring its rental agreement.

Canada to Require 20% Zero Emission Vehicle Quota by 2026

Canada is one step step closer to phasing out fossil fuel vehicles, requiring 20% of vehicles to be zero emission by 2026.

Waymo Will Start Offering Free Rides to Some Passengers

In its next step toward full operation, Waymo is preparing to offer passengers free rides in San Francisco.

“Regretted Attrition” Is Costing Amazon $8 Billion per Year

Amazon has a big problem, with attrition costing the company $8 billion a year, with the company’s “regretted attrition” off the charts.

TikTok May Launch Live Shopping in the US for Holiday Season

TikTok may be preparing for a major launch, reportedly bringing “TikTok Shop” to the US in time for the holiday shopping season.

Twitter’s Edit Button Arrives As a Paid Feature

Twitter’s long-awaited edit button has finally arrived in the US, but not everyone will have access to it.

Apple Employees Once Again Push Back Against Apple RTO Plans

Apple employees are once again pushing back against the company’s return-to-office plans (RTO).

Amazon Once Again Going Full-Press Against Unionization Efforts

Amazon is once again ramping up its anti-unionization efforts, posting signs in its ALB1 warehouse in upstate New York, telling workers: “Don’t sign a card.”

Canada to Ban Combustion Engine Cars Sales by 2035

Automakers will no longer be able to sell combustion engine passenger cars in Canada, effective 2035, adding to the growing impetus for a full transition to electric vehicles.

Instagram Joining the NFT Craze

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the company’s plans to bring NFTs to Instagram, a move that is sure to draw praise and criticism.

37 States and D.C. Sue Google for Alleged Play Store Antitrust Issues

A coalition of 37 states, plus the District of Columbia, have sued Google over alleged antitrust violations with its Play Store.

GoDaddy In Hot Water After Employees Help Hackers

GoDaddy is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons after employees were tricked into helping hackers take over domains.

Microsoft Can’t Shake Windows 7—New Bug Rears Its Head

Microsoft may have officially ended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, but it seems the operating system (OS) is the company’s bad penny—Microsoft just can’t get away from it. No sooner did Microsoft announce that Windows 7 was…

FBI Seizes Site With 12 Billion Stolen User Names & Passwords

In an international operation, the FBI has seized a website containing user data from over 10,000 data breaches, according to Engadget. According to the report, the FBI seized WeLeakInfo, a website that contained personal data taken from 10,300 data breaches.…

Huawei Turns To TomTom To Replace Google Maps

In the wake of Huawei being cut off from Google support, the Chinese company is turning to TomTom to replace Google Maps, according to Engadget. When the Trump administration banned Huawei, it had profound impacts on how the company could…

CES 2020: Samsung Unveils Rolling Robot ‘Ballie’

It’s not quite BB-8, but Samsung may have unveiled the next best thing in a rolling robot named “Ballie.” According to Engadget, Ballie is designed to be an assistant, essentially running a smart home. The robot “has a ‘mobile interface’…