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Tag: Emma Watson

Emma Watson Beatboxes For Womankind
Emma Watson will do just about anything to promote gender equality. In the past, Emma Watson has made some impressive speeches and appeared at many ev...
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Emma Watson Has “Expensive Subscription” to, Site That Teaches Female Sexual Pleasure
Emma Watson recently admitted during a talk she gave at the Emmanuel Centre in London that she has an “expensive subscription” to a websit...
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Emma Watson Announces She’s Leaving Acting–for One Year
Emma Watson, the actress best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series of films, is taking a year-long break from her acting ...
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Emma Watson Taking a Year’s Break from Acting–Why?
Emma Watson is taking a year-long break from her acting career in order to focus on feminism. She has been very vocal on the topic for a couple of yea...
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Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch Are Oxford-Bound
Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch are both Oxford-bound. Are the actors continuing their education at the prestigious university? While they likely...
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Emma Watson: Why Rupert Grint Was Terrified to Kiss Her
Emma Watson is a beautiful actress. Most men would love to kiss the Harry Potter star. Not so Rupert Grint, however. Known for his role as red-headed ...
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Alan Rickman: Celebrities Pay Tribute to Late Actor
Alan Rickman passed away last week from pancreatic cancer. Since his passing, a wealth of celebrities–many of whom were his fellow actors–...
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Emma Watson Accused Of Exploiting Alan Rickman’s Death By Posting ‘Feminist’ Quote By The Late ‘Harry Potter’ Star
Emma Watson has been bashed on the internet for exploiting the death of Harry Potter co-star Alan Rickman and pushing her own ‘feminist agenda&#...
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Emma Watson Tweets Support for Black Hermione
In the upcoming play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (a confirmed sequel), Hermione will be played by a black woman, Noma Dumerzweni. This is a fact...
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Emma Watson On What She Learned From Ethan Hawke
Emma Watson has made the transition from child star to grown-up actress pretty seamlessly, proving herself a role model for young women in Hollywood a...
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Emma Watson Continues Her Hairstyle Adventures With A New Short ‘Do
Emma Watson has done it again – her newest hair transformation has gotten people raving and hairstylists can expect clients to start requesting this...
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Emma Watson Nowling: Grandmother Of Slain Seven-Year-Old Girl Speaks Out About Murderer
Emma Watson Nowling was having a normal Thursday night in Taylor, Michigan when her life was taken by a trusted family friend in the parking lot of a ...
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Emma Watson Helped Malala Yousafzai Come To Terms With Calling Herself A Feminist
Emma Watson has become the face of modern feminism in recent years. After a couple of very inspiring speeches on the subject and last year’s lau...
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Emma Watson on James Franco’s Neck Was Temporary
Emma Watson fans were all in a tither a week ago when James Franco shared an Instragram post of his new tattoo–what appeared to be an image of E...
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Emma Watson, Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai Join Forces to Champion Equality For Women
Emma Watson and the youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai have used their powerful voices to champion equality for women. According to t...
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Emma Watson: Why James Franco Sports Fresh Tattoo of Her Head
Emma Watson now appears on James Franco’s neck. No, the two aren’t involved romantically. It seems the Spring Breakers star got inked with...
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Emma Watson Sparks Romance Rumors, Actress Spotted With Roberto Aguire
It seems like things are starting to look up for Emma Watson and her love life after her breakup with rugby player Matthew Janney last December. Every...
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Emma Watson Praises Douglas Booth For UN Gender Equality Speech
Emma Watson praised actor Douglas Booth for a speech he gave on Wednesday for UN Women, the UN entity for gender equality and women’s empowermen...
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Emma Watson: “Some Of The Best Feminists I’ve Encountered Are Men”
Emma Watson spoke up recently on the issue of sexism in Hollywood, saying it’s still an unfortunate truth these days. However, she did say that ...
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Emma Watson Talks Being “Uncomfortable” After Breakup
Emma Watson recently spoke about her split from Matt Janney, saying she had to take time to figure out how to be alone after the breakup. The former H...
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