Emma Watson on James Franco's Neck Was Temporary

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Emma Watson fans were all in a tither a week ago when James Franco shared an Instragram post of his new tattoo--what appeared to be an image of Emma Watson's head on his neck. To top it all off, Harry Potter fans were incensed over Franco claiming to be a huge Hermione Granger fan, but spelling the character's name incorrectly on the post.

"I ❤️ Hermoine. Ink by @indiangiver," Franco's caption reads.

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Fast forward a week or so, and it's plain to see that Emma Watson's head was on James Franco's neck for a very short time. In other words, it was a temporary tattoo.

The Emma Watson artist--Cheyenne Randall--is known for her temporary images of celebrities, and for displaying them with obvious anomalies--like one of Audrey Hepburn with a tattoo.

"I have a tendency to stoke fires, so I started tattooing peoples faces. The social commentary is a part of the project now. I defend tattooing all day long," Randall said in a recent interview with the Huffington Post.

It seems James Franco took notice of Randall's photoshopped art earlier in 2015 and recently requested a "hypothetical girlfriend tattoo." Cheyenne Randall had recently seen Emma Watson and James Franco in This is the End, so opted for an Emma Watson image.

Were you among those wondering why James Franco was sporting Emma Watson on his neck? Or how about those wondering what Emma Watson's reaction might be?

It seems it was all for fun. And since no wizards or warlocks were harmed in the creation of Emma Watson's face, even Hermione Granger fans can likely forgive the artist.

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