Emma Watson: Why James Franco Sports Fresh Tattoo of Her Head

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Emma Watson now appears on James Franco's neck. No, the two aren't involved romantically. It seems the Spring Breakers star got inked with Emma Watson's head. The detail is amazing. The likeness uncanny.

Franco even took to social media to share his love of the new tattoo--and of the character Emma Watson played in the Harry Potter series of films. Too bad he didn't spell the name correctly.

"I ❤️ Hermoine. Ink by @indiangiver," James Franco captioned the Instagram post of the image on his neck.

Emma Watson's character's name is "Hermione," however--not "Hermione."

A photo posted by James Franco (@jamesfrancotv) on

Known for being rather unique--to put it mildly--James Franco visited tattoo artist Cheyenne Randall, who is known for her work on photoshop masterpieces. Certainly Randall's work is impressive--but that doesn't explain why Emma Watson's entire head is on Franco's neck.

Do you find that to be just a little bit creepy?

It will certainly be interesting to learn Emma Watson's take on this tattoo. It will be even more interesting to learn if she and James Franco have ever met.

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