Emma Watson Announces She's Leaving Acting--for One Year

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Emma Watson, the actress best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series of films, is taking a year-long break from her acting career in order to focus on feminism. She has been very vocal on the topic for a couple of years, so she wants to become better versed in it, and help others do the same.

According to a report from E! News, Watson spoke with author and activist bell hooks in an interview with Paper magazine about how she plans to spend the year she is taking away from her career.

"I'm taking a year away from acting to focus on two things, really," Emma Watson said. "My own personal development is one...My own personal task is to read a book a week, and also to read a book a month as part of my book club."

The book club Emma Watson referenced is called Our Shared Self. She connected with the group via Twitter.

"I'm doing a huge amount of reading and study just on my own," Watson said. "I almost thought about going and doing a year of gender studies, then I realized that I was learning so much by being on the ground and just speaking with people and doing my reading...I actually wanted to keep on the path that I'm on. I'm reading a lot this year, and I want to do a lot of listening."

Also as part of her year off, Emma Watson is organizing some projects with her HeforShe program. She launched this initiative as U.N. goodwill ambassador, enlisting men in the fight for gender equality. She has an arts week and a university tour planned, as well as a new website in the works.

"I'm on my journey with this and it might change, but I can tell you that what is really liberating and empowering me through being involved in feminism is that for me the biggest liberation has been that so much of the self-critiquing is gone," she added. "Engaging with feminism, there is this kind of bubble now that goes off in my head where these really negative thoughts about myself hit where I'm able to combat them in a very rational and quick way."

Emma Watson hopes to empower other women in this way, too.

How do you suppose Emma Watson's fans are reacting to word she is taking a one-year leave from acting? Aside from missing her, they are likely proud of her ambitious endeavors.

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