Emma Murphy Posts Heartbreaking Viral Video, Apparent Victim Of Domestic Abuse

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Emma Murphy, a famous fitness blogger living in Dublin, had been going back and forth on whether to post a video of herself talking about her recent tragic experience. She finally did and uploaded the video on Facebook.

"I finally decided after a lot of thinking that, yeah, I need to do this for me and my children. I need to raise awareness to the women out there,” Murphy shared.

Murphy, 26, had been a partner to Francis Usanga for three and a half years. She described him as the love of her life until one day she’s had enough.

A year ago, a woman contacted Murphy and revealed to her of her partner’s infidelity. The woman who admitted that she was a client of Usanga also told Murphy that she is carrying Usanga’s child.

The unfortunate news caused Murphy, who was also pregnant at that time, to go into early labor due to the stress it brought.

But Murphy, who at that time wanted to have a perfect family, forgave him.

Last Friday, Murphy found out that Usanga cheated on her again. The mother of two finally had the courage and went to the gym to confront her partner. Only to go home with a bruised face and a black eye.

Usanga, 28, insists in a statement that he had pushed Murphy, that the force had caused the bruise on her face, and not because of him punching her.

She moved back to her mother’s and said on the video, “Do what I did, run straight to your family and friends and tell them you need them around you.”

“This gave me the strength and courage I needed. I realized I wasn’t on my own and that I could do this,” said Emma Murphy.

The extremely emotional video has now been shared 90,000 by supporters all over the world and by Wednesday morning, it garnered 5 million views.

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