Emma Watson Beatboxes For Womankind

Lacy LangleyLife

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Emma Watson will do just about anything to promote gender equality.

In the past, Emma Watson has made some impressive speeches and appeared at many events for women's rights and her HeForShe campaign.

Well, now Emma Watson can add beatboxing to that list.

Emma Watson appeared with Hamilton mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda for a National Women's Day video about gender equality.

Miranda, after some rather heavy discussion, challenged Emma Watson to beatbox while he freestyle rapped about gender equality.

Emma Watson was clearly uncomfortable with the idea, but went ahead with it anyway.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda asked if they ever beatboxed on the set while filming the Harry Potter movies, Emma Watson quipped, "English school kids, that's what we do all the time... beatbox."

Miranda got Emma Watson started, then came in with his rap, saying in part, "Yo, it's Lin and I have to laugh because we are all half. Women are half of the people on Earth. And yes, they should've been equal since birth."

After they were done, Emma Watson said she was embarrassed and, "I'm literally the color of a tomato." (Pronounced like toe-mah-toe. So adorable.)

What did you think about Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda's gender equality rap?

Lacy Langley
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