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Charlize Theron Stuns in Striking Gown With Deep Plunging Neckline at Oscars
Charlize Theron outdid herself on the Oscars red carpet Sunday, and that’s not an easy thing to do. Always gorgeous on any red carpet she walks,...
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Jenna Fischer “Genuinely in Love” With John Krasinski Comment Set Straight by Actor
Jenna Fischer was recently quoted as saying something about being “genuinely in love” with John Krasinski, but her former The Office costa...
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Emily Blunt Claims She Misses Her ‘Doughy Guy’ Now That Hubby John Krasinski is Ripped
Emily Blunt apparently wishes for the chubbier, less in shape version of husband John Krasinski now that he is a ripped hunk of a man. Krasinski, 36, ...
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Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron Are Diabolical In First Trailer For “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”
Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron take center stage in the first trailer to be released for next year’s almost certain hit, The Huntsman: Winter&#...
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Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt Look Totally Badass In New Posters For ‘Huntsman: Winter’s War’
Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain and Chris Hemsworth look totally badass in new character posters released for Huntsman: Winter’s ...
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Emily Blunt to Star in Bestselling Mystery Adaptation of “The Girl on the Train” in 2016
Emily Blunt is set to star in the film adaptation of the bestselling mystery, The Girl on the Train. The film will be released in October of 2016. If ...
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Michael Buble: Emily Blunt and I Didn’t Break Up Because of Cheating
Michael Buble and Emily Blunt dated from 2005 to 2008 and were even engaged to be married. But then they split up, and moved on. What caused the split...
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Emily Blunt Talks Nude Scene Cut from ‘Sicario,’ Why, and the Actor Who Agreed
Emily Blunt dished recently on a nude scene that was cut from her current blockbuster film Sicario–and the reason why. “That was in there ...
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Michael Buble: Did He Cheat on Emily Blunt During Three-Year Relationship?
Michael Buble has been a hot topic of conversation this past week–at least where actress Emily Blunt is concerned. The two dated for three years...
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Emily Blunt: How the FBI Helped Her Prepare for ‘Sicario’ Role
Emily Blunt plays a devoted FBI field agent in the film Sicario. Prior to its production, however, prominent backers of the film wanted the role rewri...
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Emily Blunt Stunning In Back-Baring Gown At ‘Sicario’ Premiere
Emily Blunt wowed fans when she walked the red carpet wearing a glittery metallic dress for the premiere of her new film, Sicario. Emily Blunt dazzled...
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Emily Blunt, Camila Alves Become U.S. Citizens, Jimmy Kimmel Tests Blunt
Emily Blunt and Camila Alves became U.S. citizens in August, and while a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, Blunt recalled the momentous day. ...
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Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson to Star in ‘The Girl On the Train’
Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson will star in the upcoming film The Girl On the Train. The film is based on the best-selling book of the same name, wr...
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Emily Blunt Gains New Co-Star As Rebecca Ferguson Joins “The Girl On The Train”
Emily Blunt recently signed on to play a role in the upcoming thriller, The Girl on the Train. Now, Rebecca Ferguson has confirmed her role for the fi...
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Ronda Rousey As Captain Marvel? [Pics]
Ronda Rousey made an off-hand comment in a Reddit AMA. Now there is a growing call to get the MMA superstar a role in a superhero film. When Ronda Rou...
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Emily Blunt Crushes on Charlize Theron, As Does John Krasinski, But Not Seth MacFarlane
Emily Blunt and husband John Krasinski both admit to having a crush on Charlize Theron. How does that work out? Is this going to become a thing like w...
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Emily Blunt Rumored To Portray Captain Marvel, Movie Likely To Look For A Director First
Marvel Studios has been trying to land the services of actress Emily Blunt for a while now. The actress has reportedly been offered the role of the Bl...
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Emily Blunt: Will She Be New Captain Marvel?
Emily Blunt just might be the new Captain Marvel, if rumors, tales and hopes hold true. Everyone loved Emily Blunt in Into the Woods and we got a tast...
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Emily Blunt Can’t Relate To People Who “Don’t Have Their S**t Together In Their 30s”
Emily Blunt is not usually one to hold back when she has an opinion on something. Emily Blunt was ready to share her disdain for the fact that women w...
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Emily Blunt Explains How She Chooses The Characters She Plays
Emily Blunt’s beauty can be described as ethereal. Her face and charms would easily fit in any period movie where you can imagine her character deck...
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