Emily Blunt: How the FBI Helped Her Prepare for 'Sicario' Role

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Emily Blunt plays a devoted FBI field agent in the film Sicario. Prior to its production, however, prominent backers of the film wanted the role rewritten to star a man instead.

Writer Taylor Sheridan stuck to his guns. Emily Blunt was cast. The film opened nationwide last weekend.

Emily Blunt recently dished on the help she received indirectly from the FBI during her preparation for the role. She read true stories of several FBI agents, from which she built her own character.

"They were remarkably honest with me," she said. "You're given no back story in the film or the script. All you know about my character is that I'm divorced and I could do with a new bra. That's about it. These women, I asked them everything, if their job affects their sleep, their relationships, what do their parents feel? What frightens them? What's it like working with all the guys? One girl I really zeroed in on, she was quite shy.... I'd ask her things like, 'What do you do to decompress after a hard day?' She said, 'I come home and watch "Downton Abbey."' The women are so normal."

Emily Blunt is married to actor John Krasinski, and despite their star statuses, she prefers to lead a rather quiet life in the shadows with their 19-month-old daughter Hazel. She avoids social media and most big celebrity events.

Have you checked out Emily Blunt in Sicario yet? If not, it's well worth a trip to the theater. This one is destined to make Emily Blunt a big box office sensation.

Kimberly Ripley
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