Emily Blunt Talks Nude Scene Cut from 'Sicario,' Why, and the Actor Who Agreed

Kimberly Ripley

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Emily Blunt dished recently on a nude scene that was cut from her current blockbuster film Sicario--and the reason why.

"That was in there originally," Emily Blunt said earlier this week while she was a guest on Howard Stern's radio show. "But it came out because we didn't agree with it."

Howard Stern asked, "Who's we?"

Emily Blunt's answer likely floored--and pleased--the shock jock.

"My tits," Blunt said. "[They said], 'We're not doing it.'" She further explained that her costar, Benicio del Toro, backed her up.

"It was a scene between he and I," she noted. "He's like my brother now. Honestly! He is... please, he is."

Emily Blunt went on to describe an uncomfortable scene she filmed with Tom Hanks--in her underwear.

"That was embarrassing. I think it was strange for him," she said. "He said that friends of his saw that scene and were disturbed by it."

Blunt shared that filming sex scenes feels more clinical than exciting.

"I find it so... clinical. The whole thing and technical that I never got excited," she said.

Howard Stern then asked--in typical Stern fashion--if a man she was filming a love scene with ever got aroused.

"Uh... once," Blunt replied. "I think the reaction was... we were filming, and we were like, 'oop!' ... [I felt it] against my leg!"

Emily Blunt added she would never go home and tell hubby John Krasinski about such an incident--although if he reads or listens to her interviews, he likely knows by now.

Even though Emily Blunt shared lots about her cut Sicario sex scene, she shared nothing about her former relationship with singer Michael Buble that was surrounded by rumors that he cheated on her.

"I don't know, it's complicated... I never want to talk about it. I can't do it," she said.

Have you seen Emily Blunt in Sicario? Do you think a nude scene would have added to or detracted from the film?

Kimberly Ripley
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