Michael Buble: Emily Blunt and I Didn't Break Up Because of Cheating


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Michael Buble and Emily Blunt dated from 2005 to 2008 and were even engaged to be married. But then they split up, and moved on.

What caused the split? Was it infidelity?

According to Michael Buble, no. It wasn't cheating.

"Emily is a beautiful and loving person, and I'm grateful for the time I had with her, for the relationship," Buble told ET Canada. "Without it, I wouldn't have had a chance to fall in love with myself enough to be with a woman like my wife. It didn't end because of cheating. It ended because we weren't right for each other, and we are now exactly where we're supposed to be in our lives."

So, why did he even need to defend against the idea that it was cheating that broke them up?

It all stems from an interview Emily Blunt had with Howard Stern earlier this month.

Popsugar describes the interchange as such:

Howard brings up Michael, talking about what a great guy he is and how into each other the two seemed to be. As Emily agrees with him, Howard continues, "But that was heartbreaking. Because he was not faithful." You can hear Emily sigh on the audio before she says, "Well ... I don't know if it was ... I don't know, it's complicated. Now I'm going red!"

Sounds like Blunt and Buble might not be on the same page about the end of their relationship.

The good news for both is that they've moved on to wonderful relationships. Emily Blunt has been married to actor John Krasinski for five years, and they have a child. And Michael Buble's wife Luisana Lopilato is pregnant with their second child – a boy.