Emily Blunt, Camila Alves Become U.S. Citizens, Jimmy Kimmel Tests Blunt

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Emily Blunt and Camila Alves became U.S. citizens in August, and while a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, Blunt recalled the momentous day.

"I hope you know how thrilled I am that you are one of us now," Kimmel told the Into the Woods star.

"Really?" Blunt asked. "Did you not like that I wasn't before?"

"There was a wedge between us, I felt like, yes," Kimmel said. "We always get the sense that when people come here from England they kind of look down their noses at us."

"Oh, we do! Yeah! Very much. Because we're better than them. But now I'm only half better," Emily Blunt replied.

Blunt dished about standing next to Matthew McConaughey's wife, Camila Alves, as she became a U.S. citizen at the same time. She says McConaughey showed up dressed like he was headed out on safari.

"You could have worn a shirt and tie," Emily Blunt told the actor, adding, "Like, Camila looks amazing!'"

She told Jimmy Kimmel that all her husband, John Krasinski was thinking the whole time was Matthew McConaughey's film line, " "All right, all right, all right."

"That's all he was thinking about the whole time," she said, adding that Krasinski had all he could do to prevent himself from saying the line.

Emily Blunt said the hardest part of becoming a U.S. citizen was denouncing Queen Elizabeth.

"It wasn't specifically Queen E, but she knows," Blunt joked, adding "The thing that's weird is I do get to keep both my British citizenship and this, but you have to renounce her. So, it's kind of typically American—not to be rude—but I had to renounce her in the room but I don't actually, technically renounce her. They're like, 'Just say it. You don't have to mean it, but just say it.'"

Blunt shared that some of the questions she had to answer were a bit absurd.

"They asked me things like, 'Are you a habitual drunkard?' And I said, 'Well, I was last night,'" she said, adding that her lawyer wasn't amused by her jokes. "'Have I ever been a prostitute?' was another question. I said, 'Well, I was.'"

Jimmy Kimmel then gave Emily Blunt his own set of questions toanswer in order to become a true American citizen.

"This will determine if you are indeed an American citizen," he said.

Kimmel proceeds to ask the following three questions.

1. What are the giant refillable sodas at 7-Eleven called?

2. What does MLB stand for?

3. What does DQ stand for?

Check out Emily Blunt's answers in the clip below.

Congratulations to both Emily Blunt and Camila Alves for becoming U.S. citizens. Do you suppose someone is quizzing Camila the same way Jimmy Kimmel quizzed Emily Blunt?

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