Emily Blunt Crushes on Charlize Theron, As Does John Krasinski, But Not Seth MacFarlane

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Emily Blunt and husband John Krasinski both admit to having a crush on Charlize Theron. How does that work out? Is this going to become a thing like when Khaleesi offered it to Magic Mike and his wife?

Emily Blunt is in The Huntsman, the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, which paired Charlize Theron with Kristen Stewart and a blind magic mirror.

"It was so much fun," Emily Blunt sid of doing the film. "I loved working with all those people and Charlize is my new girl crush, for sure."

That's when John Krasinski piped up, "She's my new girl crush, too."

Uh-oh. Is Emily Blunt ok with this?

"She said I'm allowed to say that," Krasinski quickly added.

"You don't have a pass yet," Blunt clarified. "We'll discuss that later."

In the film, Blunt plays Theron's younger sister. "It was a total queen-off," Blunt said of being opposite Charlize Theron. "There were two crowns on set and you don't want that."

When it comes to crushing on Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt and John Krasisnki can get in line. Howard Stern is still standing there. Stern recently asked Seth MacFarlane about the nature of his relationship with Theron after the pair worked together on A Million Ways to Die in the West. There was speculation that they pair may have become more than friends.

"That was just one of the best interactions that I've had, performance-wise," MacFarlane said of working with Theron.

"I went into it very inexperienced. Half the reason I do most of the things that I do is because they scare me, and that's what makes it exciting. Here's an opportunity to do something that could fail miserably, and that's kind of invigorating. The discovery that I made is that, if you are a relative journeyman, and you're going in new at something, if you are with somebody who is so experienced and so good and so in command, you just feed off that, and it just enables you to kind of relax."

But that is not what everyone wants to know. Did MacFarlane and Theron have a "thing" going, or not?

"She is not [a former girlfriend]," MacFarlane responded when asked directly. "We are the closest of friends."

Still, he admitted to a closeness with Charlize Theron that went beyond what he shares with other friends.

"You meet through a project. You have to [fall in love] to some degree, in a weird creative way," he said. "But you also don't want to be the director who's going in and dating the cast. I think she can do a lot better than me."

"You develop a closeness with cast members. That situation, to me, was something that kind of beyond all that. This is somebody I'll be friends with for life."

Maybe that phenomenon explains Emily Blunt's crush.

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