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E3 2023 Cancelled After Major Companies Skip the Event
E3 2023, one of the biggest gaming events of the year, has been cancelled after the industry's biggest names said they will be skipping the event....
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Microsoft To Focus On Games At E3
Microsoft was wise to announce the Xbox One before E3 last year. It opened up the annual trade show to focus exclusively on games since it got all the...
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EA’s E3 Press Conference Finally Gets The Abridged Treatment
E3 2013 seems like a distant memory now. It’s hard to even remember what happened. Thanks to the fine folks at VideoGamer, we can at least remem...
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Ubisoft’s Weird E3 Press Conference Finally Gets The Abridged Treatment
It’s now been more than a month since E3 wrapped in early June, but the folks at Video Gamer have been able to wring just a little bit more hila...
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Learn All About Final Fantasy XV From Its Creator
Square Enix had two surprise announcements at E3 – Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Both games are being overseen by Square Enix superst...
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Conan O’Brien Visits E3, Hilarity Ensues
Conan O’Brien, by his own admission, is not much of a gamer. He does, however, like to play and review games for his brilliant Clueless Gamer sk...
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Watch Dogs Gets A Live Developer Walkthrough
At E3 2013, Sony really pushed its partnership with Ubisoft. That led to a 33 minute developer walkthrough of the E3 demo for Watch Dogs. If you wante...
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Nintendo’s E3 Direct Gets The Abridged Treatment
Nintendo didn’t hold a traditional E3 press conference this year. It instead opted to speak directly to fans via its Nintendo Direct video serie...
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Shigeru Miyamoto Demos Pikmin 3’s Mission Mode
Pikmin 3 will have at least three modes when it launches later this year. The first is the single player campaign, the second is a multiplayer mode, a...
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Here’s 12 Minutes Of Thief Gameplay From E3 2013
Prior to E3 2013, it didn’t look like we would be seeing much of Eidos Montreal’s reboot of the classic Thief franchise. We got a CG trail...
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Watch This 30 Minute Q&A About The Last Of Us
The Last Of Us is a smash hit – critically and commercially. Some are even saying it’s the best game of this entire generation. Now you ma...
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Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets A 21-Minute Live Demo
Game trailers are the primary vehicle to sell a game for developers and publishers, but it’s not always effective. Can you really trust a traile...
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There Can Be Only One In This Pikmin 3 Multiplayer Battle
Pikmin never really focused much on competitive multiplayer, but Nintendo did play around with the idea in Pikmin 2. Now the company has revealed that...
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E3 2013: Super Mario 3D World Camera Tilt Demoed
Though it did not hold a major press conference at this year’s E3, Nintendo had an impressive showing this week. Dozens of first-party titles we...
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E3 2013: New Pokemon X & Y Gym Leader, Trailer Released
Though it did not hold a huge E3 presentation like Sony or Microsoft, Nintendo did announce and preview dozens of games this week. In addition to (fin...
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Check Out These PS4 Developer Interviews From E3 2013
Over the past week, you’ve been bombarded with trailers and gameplay videos for all the newest games hitting the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. Only N...
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E3 2013: No Multiplayer For ‘Mad Max’
Though it doesn’t seem to have set E3 on fire, the makers of Just Cause 2 revealed this week that they are working on a Mad Max-branded video ga...
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PS4 Interface Previewed in Leaked Video
Though Microsoft began promoting its Kinect-controlled user interface as soon as the Xbox One was announced three weeks ago, Sony has remained coy abo...
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E3 2013: Star Wars Battlefront Is In Good Hands
It was revealed a few months ago that EA had secured the exclusive license to make Star Wars games on consoles going forward. The publisher said that ...
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E3 2013: Mirror’s Edge 2 Is Finally Happening
EA had a pretty predictable E3. We saw Battlefield 4, this year’s stable of EA Sports titles and the previously leaked Xbox One exclusive Titanf...
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