Here's 12 Minutes Of Thief Gameplay From E3 2013

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Prior to E3 2013, it didn't look like we would be seeing much of Eidos Montreal's reboot of the classic Thief franchise. We got a CG trailer, but that's no substitute for actual gameplay.

Those wishing for gameplay can now rest easy as Square Enix brought a playable demo to the Sony booth at E3 2013 last week. The game was running on the PS4 hardware and it's looking pretty nice.

As for gameplay, the original Thief was a huge inspiration for last year's surprise hit Dishonored, and the Thief reboot seems to have been inspired by some of the gameplay elements introduced by its protege.

Thief fans were rightly concerned with the direction the reboot would take, but it looks like the guys at Eidos Montreal have another hit on their hands. Die hard Thief fans will probably remain skeptical, but just remember that Deus Ex fans thought the same thing about Human Revolution.

Thief will be released in 2014 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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